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Hopi Prohecy...

It's time for you to make changes within yourself embrace your true potential and become who you really are…


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In the Beginning...

In the beginning, the Great Spirit above gave to the animals and birds wisdom and knowledge and the power to talk to men. He sent these creatures to tell man that he showed himself through them. They would teach a…


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Shamanic societies....

When we nurture a playful attitude, learning and discovery becomes fun! Even hard work can fly by ?

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Trust your ability to make a wise decision. Compromise will be necessary so search for middle ground…


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It's time to breathe new life into an old project. Use your creative vision effectively and hammer out new ways to break…


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Hug a Tree...

Adapt to your surroundings and blend into them. Use your surroundings and circumstances to your advantage…


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"A fire-eater must eat fire, even if he has to kindle it himself." ... Be aware that other people have equal significance.…


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In Nature

тнeѕe cιrcυмѕтαɴceѕ reqυιre yoυ тo αpproαcн тнeм dιғғereɴтly тнαɴ yoυ ɴorмαlly woυld. ιт'ѕ тιмe тo тry α dιғғereɴт αɴɢle…


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The Spirited Path Two-Year Modern Shamanism Intensive

Beginning in January, I offer The Spirited Path, a two-year+ intensive in modern shamanism. There are only 12 seats available for this initiatory program. Learn techniques to bring your innate wisdom to the world in a way that is unique, and foster others to do the same. Contact me for more info.…


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My Experience with the Micmac Tribe and the Black Wolf

Recently I went on a five-day expedition to the northernmost part of Maine for a Unity College freshman initiation to meet the Aroostook Band of Micmacs. Over the course of these five days that I camped on the grounds, I visited the tribe's museum, decorated a sacred ground, canoed with the Micmac youth, talked to and weaved baskets with elders, attended a tribal council, and danced and sung with native drummers. However, my last day was most influential to me. I…


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Live Web Class - Intro to (Neo)Shamanism

Live web class 28 June-- Intro to (Neo)Shamanism! Learn what weekend workshops don't teach: the history, role, and implications of the modern shaman. It's not all spirit guides and ecstasy. If you want to learn about personal initiations, service to community, and how life between affects every day living--this is the class for you.

Added by Kelley Harrell on June 4, 2014 at 7:07am — No Comments

Bird totems and animal connections

My totem is a magpie,this is for any

Added by Jacob on April 7, 2014 at 2:37pm — 1 Comment

How I became Spirit Bear!

How I Became Spirit Bear!

All throughout my childhood my older brother Gary and I felt there was something different about ourselves. Something with a greater significance than we could understand as children something that would shape our adult lives, to an unimaginable degree. Growing up in the Midwest in the fifties and sixties was so much different than it is today! Back then we usually made our own toys. Whenever we would play cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood kids we…


Added by Douglas (Spirit Bear) Neely on March 19, 2014 at 12:47am — 3 Comments

Is this true?

I was browsing the comments on a totem meditation video when I saw some one who said she/he could read who out totem was, I decided to message her/him to see if she/he could.

This is the reply

Its an African elephant, female, named Zengana. She said you need to move forward in life, face new challenges, set new goals and dont look back. She said be careful what you listen to from others about things, and follow your own heart and intuition. When it…


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Shrine to my guide

I met my guide Tipvigut a day ago(You can read about that here) and I decided to make a little shrine to her.

I grabbed a little(unused) coffee table from the lounge room and placed it in the corner of my room. I got some lavender coloured velvety material I had lying around and draped it over the wooden table. I put two polar bear figurines on top. I then got my favorite stones(Two egg…


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Nature’s Lyric Symphony

Nature’s Lyric Symphony

tumbling waterfalls sing to me

liquid lyric symphony

walking in the forest

I felt an overwhelming

sense of peace

the trees stood rooted firmly

 in the earth

and  birds sang

sweet songs that never ceased...

so enraptured was I

 by this place

that I was prompted

 to dance

 with unconscious grace

and as I flung

 my arms into the air

the scent of wildflowers


 through my…


Added by Sharon Lee Goodhand on July 7, 2013 at 4:50am — No Comments

I might have met my guide?

Using this video on you-tube I was able to talk with my spirit animal guide, only I don't know if this my imagination or not, here is my recount. It would help if you listened to the meditation first to get the context that I wrote this in.

I walked along the path that was a well walked path it had high grass surrounding…


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Intro to (Neo)Shamanism

Want to learn more about modern shamanism? Where shamanism originated, and what they do? You're welcome to attend this free intro survey, a live videocast, 24 August at 10am EST. Seats are limited, so please register early. A Google + account is required to attend the class.

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Rhythm of my Thoughts

Rhythm of my Thoughts…


Added by Sharon Lee Goodhand on June 9, 2013 at 4:39am — No Comments

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