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MICHAEL_ENTITY: Otter is playful, like sage, and enjoys many of the same "creature comforts" that sage fragment Toni enjoys so much in her life as well. They are affectionate, playful, curious, spontaneous and in general, prefer to live more care-free, stress-free and amorous lives, when left to their own devices. They are also quite talkative and demonstrative amongst their `tribe' or within their peer or family groups and prefer to live away from the stress and fray of those who would be more aggressive and disruptive to their own "familiar" systems. They are truly relationship- oriented creatures as well and are inclined to seek out others of their own kind for purely social and very often "romantic" purposes. If any animal totem is equipped to support this fragment in the goal of simply "going with the flow," it is the amiable Otter, who also reflects this fragment's sense of femininity and appreciation of beauty in life as well.


The West is the direction of the feminine and so Otter is also at home in this watery "western" gateway position as well. This indicates that this fragment has made a deep peace and a deep sense of connection and intimacy with her most deeply feminine or "divine female" aspects of the self as well. This fragment enjoys "putting on the Ritz" and is not afraid to do so and to let all she knows WHO she truly perceives herself to be IN ESSENCE, which is a highly feminine energy creature, in her heart of hearts. Going with the flow simply means "letting go and letting God", or Tao, for this fragment, which is often much easier said than done.

luluaussi: absolutely.. ..that learning to surrender "to the flow" has oft repeated itself

MICHAEL_ENTITY: Otter, however, is a strong ally in doing just this and possesses a deep inner sense of innocence and trust that allows Otter medicine people to "let go and let God" (or let Tao or the Universe or the Creator) ... have their way with them. In a sense, this is precisely the choice that is at hand in each now moment:

luluaussi: learning to trust that has been a toughie, but easier the last few years, consciously I chose to name it Radical Trust which was simply "following my nose/heart without attaching an "end" purpose

MICHAEL_ENTITY: Yes, this is the true lesson of the Otter, learning how to TRUST in the essential FLOW of life, as it is moves THROUGH you. Radical is a good term for it, for this implies reaching down into the very ROOTS of the experience of Trust itself. It is a fine line between "letting go and letting Tao"and "God helps those who help themselves," however, there is a path that we would term "the Middle way" that allows the fragment to utilize both and each in an ultimately meaningful and purposeful way in the life.

luluaussi: I think Otter was with me in my experiences with my son and an ensuing custody case where I was told simply that....I can see her lessons evident in many of my life experiences actually

MICHAEL_ENTITY: There is a balance point between the passive and the more assertive approach, that is to say and to imply. Otter is very good at navigating these subtle currents that exist between the two and can further assist you in perceiving these same subtle distinctions as well Toni. Otter supports you in attaining the GOAL for this lifetime and has been with you since the goal was chosen in fact. That is true for all of our students, incidentally. The animal totem for each position is actually chosen at around the same time the corresponding overleaf is chosen, that is to say.

luluaussi: would this also pertain to being at Old 5 as well? being of a more fluid nature as I understand it.

MICHAEL_ENTITY: Yes, 5th old is about integration of the sum of all of the fragment's "parts" (or all of their past life experiences) ... and Otter is a water creature which swims the rivers, streams, lakes and seas of consciousness to "discover" what is still there to be integrated for that fragment.

luluaussi: I can see how she helps me in that navigation.. I can often "see" these other levels and pieces of my prior lives tho I am sometimes clueless as to what they but I "see" them :)

MICHAEL_ENTITY: Otter is uniquely suited to this position for this fragment, in a way that is harmonious and in alignment with her most essential nature, allowing that part of her to pour forth from essence INTO the "stream" of the life experience itself. Yes, precisely so Toni. This too is why you and the fragment Janno "recognized" a kindred spirit or a "soul age level" perception in the other as well. TRUST that the inner work is being done, is being integrated by Essence and simply allow the process to FLOW. That is the "work" or the "goal" of the essence within this current incarnation.

luluaussi: how does the sliding to Growth pertain please?

MICHAEL_ENTITY: You could also utilize the phrase "Let go and let Essence" just as easily in fact...a portion of itself that has become "dislocated" in time and/or space. This is where the process of soul retrieval can be most helpful for the 5th level old fragment.

luluaussi: I like that. Essence "grows" each time it integrates, so the slippery slope of the 5th level is perhaps this "dislocation"...that by working to recognized and integrate the various Life perceptions you navigate the level and "flow" naturally with Essence. So then Otter also helps me understand the essential nature of "play"ing with this process


MICHAEL_ENTITY: Essentially, this is what is occurring on an essence level. All of these sub-personalities are being integrated into the greater consciousness of the "essential self" itself you see.

Much of this work is being done on an essence level and the more pliable the personality becomes to this inner work, the more it is able to actually "see" and observe of the essential process itself. It is a profound experience and essence is the one pulling the strings on the stage of life, so to speak, at this juncture

in particular. You can trust your own essence to get it right just about every time at the 5th old soul stage. Yes and even more importantly, learning how to simply FLOW with the process as well. Learning to trust your own essence is truly the crux of the experience at this soul age, we would say. Your own essence is indeed trustworthy.

luluaussi: yes but you have to "get out of your own way" to see it sometimes and as you say flow not


MICHAEL_ENTITY: Correct. That is where the trust comes into the picture. False personality would choose to "Push the river" where true personality would feel more comfortable simply going with the flow and “ 
letting go and letting Tao or Essence" lead the way.

luluaussi: think I'll turn over on my back put the sun on my face and flow!!

I went in search of my inner flow......on my journey...which, unlike some, is to let my mind wander through information...attaching to that which resonates and rises to the top so to speak. This is what I found in my "flowing with my "source information".

(I did not copy the links to this material, unfortunately...thought I did, but alas...)

There are two kinds of Otter, the river and sea. Delightful creatures to watch in the wild otters have a strong curiosity exploring every nook and cranny they can find just to see what's there.Their curiosity reminds us that everything is interesting if looked at from different angles. They know how to float on the currents of life enjoying the beauty that it holds. Their relaxed attitude reminds us to laugh with life and not take things to seriously. They offer us the gift of laughter, trust and playfulness.

Otters are agile and fast in the water. They are often seen floating on their backs with their paws extended out of the water, sliding on their bellies playfully, or performing acrobatic maneuvers. Water has long been associated with the emotional energies in man. Otters glide through the emotional ups and downs of life with ease and can teach us how to do the same. They represent the creative, nurturing energies that live within us and show us how to honor them.

Otters are excellent parents and care for their young longer than most other marine mammals. They enjoy the company of other otters and are rarely seen alone. Those with this medicine benefit

by living on or close to the water and find comfort in group interactions.

The otter is very talkative. When frightened their calls take on an eerie piercing sound similar to a baby screaming.During the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, otters were one of the few creatures

that would allow humans to hold them without putting up a fight. As the oil was wiped from their bodies the otter would lie very still in the arms of the one caring for it, unafraid and trusting.

When otter appears in your life it is asking you to let go of worry and pain, lighten up and enjoy what life has to offer. Trust your inner knowing , develop trust for others and embrace the world with excitement and enthusiasm. Life is what we make it. The otter shows us how to create a joyful future. All we need to do is follow...

These animals were considered very magickal by the Celts. During the voyages of Maelduine, Brendan and others, these traveling Celts were met by helpful otters. The otter is a strong protector who helps with gaining wisdom, finding inner treasures or valuable talents, faithfulness, and the ability to recover from any crisis.

Enjoy life instead of just enduring it. 

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