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Listen to your Elders: North: African Elephant: Observation

The NORTH position animal reflects the collective "knowledge", wisdom and experience gained by what indigenous tribes often refer to as "the elders", and the "ancestors" in native teachings. This "collective knowledge, wisdom and experience" would also include that of the entity group consciousness of which you are each a part. It would reflect those aspects of this collective knowledge bank that YOU ARE PERSONALLY investigating and exploring as part of your path of return to the Tao.

While the entity group as a WHOLE might best be reflected in the animal totems we have given for each entity group in previous sessions with our channel, Terri, each of you are focusing in upon a specific part or aspect of the entity group consciousness of which you are an integral part. Thus, the NORTH animal shows you the WAY in which, or the FOCUS through which each of you are accessing your collective entity group consciousness and awareness.

An example might prove useful here. For instance, the fragment Toni is in the 2nd entity of cadre one, whose animal totem is the Baboon. Her within animal is the Chimpanzee, and her north animal totem is the Gorrila.)

luluaussi: my Northern Animal is African Elephant and mode is Observation. I thought....

Michael_Entity/ Terri: Oh, thank you, Toni. My missed-take. Thanks for the correction. I got confused with the earlier information from Feb. Sorry.

luluaussi: ok mentor is gorilla but it all tracks :) indeed.... makes sense

Michael_Entity/ Terri: Yes, I think where they were going is consistent, however, with the "bigger picture" broader scope "access" to the entity group consciousness. Through the elephant, not the gorilla.

luluaussi: absolutley!

Michael_Entity: Elephant is also a "large" broad stroke awareness animal as well, and serves a similar function for this fragment. Each northern direction animal totem reflects HOW the fragment accesses the collective group consciousness of the entity itself, as well as the FOCUS of the types of lessons, learning and "insights" and direction they are likely to receive from these "ancestors, elders and teachers" who have gone before them.

The northern direction also represents the Old Soul age perceptions in our teachings, as well as the "path" through which the old soul has chosen to navigate their current incarnation.

The north direction also reflects the time of life that corresponds to the transistion of the 6th and 7th internal monads in the life of the fragment. And to that time in the life when much reflection upon the life is undertaken by the fragment.

The "elders" also support this phase of the individual fragment's life in such a way that the fragment is able to clearly "see" and "perceive" that which was undertaken, learned, gained, lost or "retrieved" through the life experiences and the related lessons themselves.

So the North position not only supports the fragment's journey through life, and through the entire wheel of life, but also through the "passage" made at the end of the life, and the "review" that takes place at the close of the life as well. The north direction animal totem "oversees" and "supports" the fragment's journey throughout the entire wheel, or sacred circle of life, from birth through old age and death. These influences are always "present" to be called upon in order to gain wisdom, insight and direction whenever it is needed and desired by the fragment, regardless of the 'segment' of the wheel of life that they may be navigating at any particular time in the fragment's life cycle.

We would comment here as well that there is a strong connection between the MENTOR position, and the NORTH position as well, for it is often through the mentor position that the LESSONS, teachings, insights and direction are implemented by the entity itself on behalf of the fragment. Thus, does the NORTH animal essence reflect the way in which the fragment accesses the entity group consciousness, and/or initiates 'essence contact' with other members of their entity group, while the MENTOR animal totem reflects best how the entity itself may initiate contact with the fragment. They are two distinct "flows" that is to say and to imply. One "flow" is from fragment to entity (North direction animal totem) and the other "flow" would be from entity to fragment. As you can see, this presents each fragment with a very unique means through which they may choose to approach more conscious essence contact with members of their own entity group and/or with their 'ancestors, elders and teachers' as the case may be.

The "ancestors, elders and teachers" will often speak to the student through the aspect of the MENTOR position animal totem, that is to say. Very well, we will pause briefly here to make sure we have communicated this information clearly thus far then. Are each of you clear on what has been given thus far?

Good day to you today Toni.

luluaussi: and to you :)

Michael_Entity: We have given you some "leads" to work with already, however, we will add a few additional comments at this time as well. Please let us know when we are near the time you must leave so we can wind up our comments to you today.

luluaussi: thank you! Am already percolating with the initial info

Michael_Entity: African elephant is a different 'breed" of elephant than is its close cousin, the Asian elephant. African elephant is natively 'wild' by nature, spirit and breeding, and is not considered a "domesticated" elephant by most who would work with the elephant species for "human" undertakings. African elephant denotes a wilder nature and character, which is "free to be" connected to spirit, to nature, to the elephant hive soul consciousness, and to one another in the most natural and unaffected ways possible for them to experience.

Wild African elephants are not dominated by any "forces" outside of themselves, and travel internally well "known", recognized and remembered migration routes each season of the year.

luluaussi: internal cartography eh?

Michael_Entity: They are not followers, that is to say, except to "follow" those of their own kind, and of their own species, along well-known and well-traveled paths that are deeply imbedded in their own internal psyches.

It is even beyond cartography, but yes, this too. It reaches deeply into the sense of pure inner knowing, which is directly connected not only with the entity collective consciousness learning and experience, but also into the akashic record banks as well. Thus, is this fragment 'free' to travel the well-known and well-remembered "inner paths" of her entity mates, as well as of her own, past life experiences.

Many of her stories are based upon these "perceptions" from across her entity group consciousness as well, we would add, as her own.

luluaussi: ok that makes so much sense to me. Still trying to figure out how to travel this way tho

Michael_Entity: The African elephant is guided by their own sense of internal navigation, and not by any external 'source' or force per se, and this sense of internal navigation is based upon the many lifetimes of experience contained within the entire entity group, and not merely upon her own life experiences themselves, that is to say.

luluaussi: so a storyteller of the entity's collective history?

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