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SPIRIT OF THE GIRAFFE:  Farsightedness, the future, goals/determination, vision, practicality, success, reach, balance, spirituality, uniqueness, foresight, self-acceptance, stretching / reaching for one's highest goals and aspirations in…Continue

Tags: shamanism, symbology, medicine, meaning, guide

Started by Terri Benning Jan 22, 2013.

GOAT ~ (Mountain and Domestic)

SPIRIT OF THE GOAT:  New endeavors, Blessings, Climbing, Stability, Confidence, Achievements, Loyalty, Ambition, Surefootedness, Independence, Abundance.LINKS:…Continue

Tags: shamanism, symbology, meaning, medicine, goat

Started by Terri Benning Jan 21, 2013.


Spirit of the GREAT BLUE HERON: Agility, Peace Maker, Uniqueness, Ability to Stand Alone, Self Esteem, Dignity LINKS:…Continue

Tags: medicine, message, symbolism, shamanism, animism

Started by Terri Benning Aug 14, 2010.


Spirit of the Gorilla: Leadership, intelligence, peacefulness, family, strength, nobility, generosity, gentleness, calmness, vegetarianism, loyalty, patience, dexterity, steadiness, scrutiny, conservationAffirmation: "I will trust my hunches and be…Continue

Tags: journeying, shamanism, symbolism, meaning, wisdom

Started by Terri Benning Aug 12, 2010.


Spirit of the Grouse: Sacred Spiral, Sacred Dance,Synchronicity, Rhythm, Potential Reached, Completion, FulfillmentLINKS:…Continue


Started by Terri Benning Apr 19, 2010.

Welcome to the site and to our new Totem Talk community! This site was created to provide a place for those who both love Arvel Bird's awesome music, as well as for those who may have an interest in learning more about their own personal animal totems, to gather, to learn and to meet new people and make new friends. To read the rest of this welcome message, and to learn how to use the site features, please click on the link provided below: Thank you, and best blessings to you!


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Comment by Anni C. Peterson on April 18, 2010 at 1:14pm
gazelle - to the west

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