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Video Montage by LadyHawk ~ (aka: Terri Benning)
Music by Arvel Bird
Song: Orca (Animal Totems 2 Album)

Like all members of the Dolphin family, (Orca`s are not whales as many believe, but are the largest member of the Dolphin family), Orca`s are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures, with a perception and awareness that is astounding.

Orca medicine includes:

Role: ~ Guardian of the Cosmic Memory ~

Lesson: Discover the Song of the Soul

Element: Water

Wind: North ~ Land of the Elders/Wisdom ~

Medicine: Alchemy

~ Keywords ~ Guardian of the Cosmic Memory ~ Alchemy ~ Creativity ~ Sensitivity ~ Healing through Sound ~ Spiritual Insight

To learn more about the Orca animal totem medicine, please visit:

To learn more about Orca in the wild, please visit:

To listen to more animal totem sample songs from Arvel Bird, please visit his website at:

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