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luluaussi: so a storyteller of the entity's collective history?

Michael_Entity: Gorilla in the mentor position offers this fragment "food for thought" in that gorilla sits and meditates, and "chews" on it's own thoughts and self-discoveries in the wild state, as well as in the domesticated state.

Yes, this would not be an inaccurate assessment of the situation Toni, at all.

luluaussi: I used to say that I'd cogitate/gestate on my stories and then they burst out full grown. Seems like a very big task.

Michael_Entity: That is precisely so, yes.


Gorilla gives you clues as to how you process this information, as well as how to "chew" through all of this experience and how to remember/recall WHO YOU ARE in the midst of it all as well.


Gorilla gives all of this information a FOCUS through which it may then be more fully 'chewed' or processed by the fragment.

luluaussi: would the gorilla's skill of clairaudience come into play as well...I sometimes feel i "hear" between the words so to speak

Michael_Entity: In fact, gorilla "sees" the whole story from the perspective of THE SELF, and this focus is one of the self OBSERVING the self, even as you have depicted in many of your writings as well.

luluaussi: ok I understand

Michael_Entity: Yes, for these abilities are all considered part of the meditative "observation" of the scenes that are recalled or remembered by the fragment in her work with her entity group awareness. Gorilla is a master of both SELF and OTHER observation, we would add.

luluaussi: ok. So an awareness of connectivity?

Michael_Entity: They observe all of the facial features, body language, minute moves and subconscious twitches and turns of the "observed" in order to know them even more intimately and more deeply.

luluaussi: ok observing "under the skin" maybe? I am definitely resonating with all of this.

Michael_Entity: Yes, the Gorilla learns from ALL that it observes within it's realm, regardless of species, however, is strongly drawn to those with the most "human-like" qualities, for this is the direction that the Gorilla is indeed evolving as a hive soul species as well. They are getting ready to begin manifesting more individually ensouled "experiments" at this time in fact.

luluaussi: Wow. That really connects with my within animal history and my Chimpanzee "mother". I feel so honored to have these kinds of teachers...brings tears

Michael_Entity: Thus, does the wild African elephant reflect your desire to connect deeply with your entity consciousness, and with the akashic records, and your Gorilla is there to further assist you in bringing it all down to a level that the "human" self can undertand and comprehend.

luluaussi: and connections to my life tasks of "unraveling " mysteries too.

Michael_Entity: Indeed, you are "remembering" that love that exists within all a species for their young. That is an essential common demoninator for most all of the mammalian species in any case.

luluaussi: this brings to mind the adage too "an elephant never forgets"

Michael_Entity: It is the experience of 'the mother' which units all warm-blooded species in fact.

luluaussi: wow.....

Michael_Entity: Precisely so, yes, and correct.

luluaussi: I am really sort of vibrating with all this it's like a buzzzz.

Michael_Entity: Very well then Toni, we are complete with your comments at this time.

luluaussi: And a welling up too. Thank you so much, this validates alot of what I am currently experienceing

Michael_Entity: yes, it's an "essential" buzz of recognition and validation, we would say.

luluaussi: Thank you Michaels.

Michael_Entity: You are "humming" right along with essence today, that is to say, and with the energy of the entity group of which you are a part. Enjoy your essence contact experience today. That is all for this fragment at this time. Good day to you Toni. 

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