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Dialogue between the Observer and Observed : East: Falcon: Spirtualist

Lulu: I always called it my first person/third person perspective, Falcon is also in my Knowledge Position. In pondering the idea of being both the Observer and the Observed I found myself going to both my past as others know it in this life as that of the Observer, but also began reading of my life as Thomas Francis, a lifetime when I was definitely the Observed. I decided to go backwards was to move forward as the East is the beginning. When the M's spoke of "accumulation of knowledge it was an AHA! moment...sent me back almost 30 years when I was in my last year of art school working on my thesis show called "Eccentric Geometry"was directly related to "accumulation of knowledge", verbatim actually . My exploration, however, began with window coverings.

Falcon is truly "at home" in the Eastern Gateway position for this fragment, and is very comfortable with this station and function in her life. Falcon also enjoys flying "high and wide" and overseeing their territory from both "on high" and also perceiving it from the "ground up" as well, especially in terms of focusing in upon that which will bring them most gratification and satisfaction in the life, according to their "essential" life plan and purpose.


Falcon assists this fragment in comparing and contrasting that which ESSENCE wishes to experience in the life, that is to say, along with that which PERSONALITY itself also wishes to experience in the life, and supports her in bringing these two perspectives *together* into a more well integrated "whole" perspective and a more "perfect" union between the two.


Knowledge is very important to the SAGE fragment, and particularly to a scholar cast sage fragment, ( since validated as Artisan cast )and thus, the accumulation of such knowledge is then converted into *WISDOM* through the related "lessons" learned through the lifetime experiences of this fragment.


Gaining the OVERVIEW perspective is also part of the SPIRITUALIST attitude for this fragment as well, and converting that "knowledge" gained into true WISDOM is the path of spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction for this fragment within the current incarnation.


We would comment at this point that we have a wonderful example here, of how the SPIRITUALIST attitude can manifest so differently and still so appropriately for two different Expression axis fragments, Wanda, an artisan, and Toni, a Sage role in essence. The same attitude is expressed in two very different ways in each instance, we have observed. Falcon also speaks to the "lessons" for this sage fragment on the value in being both the OBSERVER, as well as the OBSERVED, in any given situation.

Most Sages have experienced much time in what you might term "the lime-light" in one way or another, and thus sometimes choose incarnations with less "highlighted" visibility in their personal life experiences.


In such instances, the "observed" (or the highlighted sage role in essence) has an opportunity to become the OBSERVER and through such a perspective, to "reflect" upon their own personal "presentations" and "presence," both within the current, as well as past, incarnational experiences.


This animal totem is closely connected with this fragment's interest in photograpy, specifically, and is also indicative of the scholar casting influences in her essential placements as well, we would add.

It also relates to the Sage's desire to "see" or to "view", to "grasp" and to "embrace" the bigger picture, and/or the OVERVIEW perspective on the life as well.


It is beneficial to be FLUENT and FLUID in one's ability to embrace BOTH perspectives in the life; both the observer and the observed, the objective and the subjective, the causal and the affected. All are component parts of the WHOLE, and reflect a "life well lived" in our causal plane perspective. Indeed, and Observation is a neutral Mode which can assume the function of any of the other modes as is deemed "appropriate" in any given moment or situation in the life.

Lulu: hence Fluidity? the dialogue between the Observer and Observed

Michael: Photography and videography both afford this fragment that "observer" perspective upon both life itself and upon her own INTERNAL perspectives and perceptions of her own personal reality.


In our teachings, we have often referred to it as taking "snapshots" of the true and false personality perceptions, that the fragment may then 'reflect' upon as well. Yes, embracing "fluidity of being" is one of the "paths" toward illumination that this fragment has chosen to explore within the current incarnation as a way and a means to make progress along her path of return to the Tao.


Michael: (Terri: I'm getting a strong sense from the Michaels that it has a lot to do with learning how to be happy both behind the scenes as well as in the lime-light; that this is an older soul Sage lesson and when grasped, the Sage comes even more fully into their own personal power and sense of well-being and happiness in their lives. )


In a sense, it is about learning how to be comfortable with BOTH the ordinal and the exalted expression axis "experience", so that a fragment can flow more smoothly and effortlessly between the two. When you can be truly comfortable in either perspective, you are well on your way towards mastery of the expression axis experience. This is true whether one is a Sage role in essence, or an artisan role in essence. FLUIDITY between the ordinal and the exalted "expression" axis is the key to their progress along the path of return to the Tao.

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