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Assertion vs. Agression : South: Badger: Arrogance

Michael_Entity - Of course, badger will aggressively defend the "shy" sense of vulnerability of the NCF of Arrogance, in the negative pole experiences of this NCF. Badger is assertive in the positive pole, and is aggressive, or sometimes even belligerent, in the negative pole expression. Either way, it will defend it's truths, it's territories and it's "familiars" without hesitation, and without regret or remorse, when the occasion calls for it. In combination with Chimpanzee, the innate intelligence and "assertive" qualities of the Badger animal totem combine to make this fragment a very effective and "well armed" opponent in any battle of wits or games of strategy. This fragment enjoys such "games" immensely, and enjoys the comraderie of other members of her "troop" as well in such instances. (Terri here: I am seeing you on FB, playing all those games with people, and really loving it. It is a good example of how the two become "as one" when you are coming from ESSENCE and are enjoying the company of other members of your tribe who also enjoy participating in such activities as well.) Having a "rollicking good time" is an example of how these two animal totems combine to augment the positive pole expression and the true personality perceptions of this fragment, we would offer. We would also remind this fragment of her recent "win" of the case against the former employer who would not wish to treat her fairly, as another example of the POSITIVE POLE "teamwork" of these two animals when they are working in unity through the LOVE of the ESSENCE itself, in the life of the fragment.When the within animal works in concert with the South animal essence, through the LOVE of the ESSENCE itself, great GOOD can come through the life and the true personality of the fragment itself. However, when the SOUTH animal essence is coming ONLY FROM FEAR, and not from the love of essence, then this same animal can bring much negativity down upon the fragment, and can block the path of return to the Tao for the remaining "cycles" throughout the "sacred circle" yet to come.

luluaussi - I can see how that experience taught me to "assert" certain essential truths without being Too aggressive and harmful for the sake of fear and harming others. I can see how arrogance can translate into belligerence into FEAR into etc a vicious circle

Michael_Entity - Yes, precisely, Toni. You learned how to find the 'balance' point between the two extremes in this experience, through the TEMPERANCE of the Essence, upon that of the false personality, or upon the more aggressive aspects of the Badger "medicine" perspective. All animal essences have both an "upright" and a "contrary" position associated with them, just as all of the overleaves have a positive and a negative pole association with them as well. The key to the negative pole behavior of the Badger medicine is when badger strikes without warning, "biting the hand that feeds it" so to speak, or when it strikes out in fear, attempting to hide or to mask any sense of vulnerability in the fragment's energy fields "in the moment". The badger is very quick to react, and/or to respond, as the case may be. "Response" comes from the positive poles, (or "upright" Badger) and "Reaction" comes from the negative poles (or "contrary" badger). Does this make sense to you?

luluaussi - so much for "strategic" planning when one is "reactionary", so yes this does make much sense I think I have been working with Badger alot in the last couple of years

Michael_Entity - PRECISELY CORRECT, yes, Toni. You have grasped the lessons of badger today in full, we would say.

luluaussi - I still open mouth insert foot too often particularly with my mother, would that relate to imprinting ? I "react" still before "relating"

Michael_Entity - Writing the "associations" down in a very simple, and readily handy and accessible way, will give you each the 'edge' you will require to keep the LOVE OF ESSENCE in the driver's seat in your life experiences. Example: + (sage) communication = (chimpanzee) intelligence/quick wittedness + (Badger) = + assertiveness/response / - belligerence/reactity Sometimes, making, or taking, "short-hand" notes will further assist our students to implement and to inculcate our comments in the weeks following our sessions together, and also in their work with the animal totems themselves through the journeys undertaken together as well.It assists the fragment in bringing these deeper connections together in a way that makes IMMEDIATE and useful sense to them when working with their animal essence totems.

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