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Elemental Chief: WATER

Elemental Totem: FROG

Related BIRTH TOTEMS within the Frog Clan:



* Psychic
* Intuitive
* Sensitive
* Hyper-emotional

With this final Elemental Chief, we witness the final stage of the process of Creation - the nurturing and harvesting of the Spirit.

Hawk Clan is the Pathfinder that enables us to aim high and envision a world to be had. Turtle Clan Prepares the Way of the Spirit by clearing away "dead space." Butterfly Clan plants the thoughts and hopes so that Frog Clan can nourish the dreams of the mind, and bear the fruit of the Mind/Body/Personality integration.

As such, the Frog Clan breaths fire into the spark of soul awareness, whispers to our Inner Self that more exists than can be seen by the ~physical~ eyes, and encourages us to reach for the fruit of the ~Great Spirit~ which is the Union and Merging of all parts into the One.

Then, think on brother Frog as he dwells in Two Worlds at once. He is a creature that can swim underwater for extended periods of time, actually begins his life underwater, yet must surface for air, and later comes to dwell atop his lily pad, or on a tree near to a water source.

In Earth Medicine, much as in traditional astrology, Water is representative of our feelings and emotions, while Air represents our mind and ability to detach. When there exists a Totem, be it Birth, Clan, Power Totem, etc, that is born of dual worlds (i.e. the dolphin or frog) who must exist in both worlds to live, then there is a special message for us as we observe these Animal brothers and sisters.

For Frog Clan, those born under this Elemental Chief are blessed with an abundance of emotion, the ability to perceive the innermost feelings of others, to Understand the sacredness of Love in all of its brilliant hues and textures and to plunge the incredible depths of the Soul, so that a greater understanding can be had of both themselves, and their fellow Earth Dwellers.

And yet, without surfacing for air, the frog will perish. So like sister Dolphin, frog must learn to co-exist in two worlds simultaneously. He must find the needed level of detachment (air) lest the emotions (water) and pain of himself or Others pull him under where he will surely drown.

If one who is a member of Frog Clan chooses to operate from the lower octave of this element, he/she can become so encased in emotion that they are unable to extricate themselves and will drown in their own sorrow, venom or desire.

Because the Frog evolves from the state of a tadpole to the adult form it later inhabits, a keyword for the Frog Clan is Transformation. Those of Clan of the Frog that choose to operate from the higher octave of their element, will spend their life in constant transformation and growth, ever seeking knowledge and wisdom that will lead to the unfolding and evolution of the Soul, coming to understand the depth of their feelings and emotions while learning how to channel those high level energies into ways of assisting Others along their path as they retain the necessary level of detachment. In this way, this clan completes the Cycle of Creation and the Fruit of the Spirit is borne.

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