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We don't have many rules, but the ones that we do have are strictly enforced. These rules are in place to ensure a certain atmosphere on the site. We have a small, loving site, and are ever watchful of postings made to ensure the guidelines are adhered. (Postings include blogs, discussions, groups, e-mails, etc.)

1.) Our goal is to have a warm, inviting, informative, active, animal loving social community. In communicating with others in the community, please follow customary manners as they are (or at least as they should be!) followed in real life. In other words don't insult other members, don't make statements that are grossly offensive including blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity and don't indulge in abusive or harrassing behavior or personal attacks. This includes not indulging in racial, ethnic, sexual, or religious slurs, disruptive behavior of any kind or making lewd comments.

Please read the 10 RULES of NETIQUETTE as a basic guideline for ALL online communications.

2.) Above all, this is a drama free zone. We respect everyone's right to an opinion; however, if your opinion becomes offensive or condescending toward your fellow members, your remarks (blogs or discussion comments) will be removed. If the violation continues, your account will be banned. The community is a set of places where people are not discriminated against on the basis of personal beliefs, sex, age or race and a place where people are not attacked for these things. One intention of the community is to provide an oasis for rationality, pleasant discourse and harmony rather than tirades and insults against those who disagree with your views. If a conversation becomes "heated" lease take these conversations off list, and you can pursue them privately if you choose. Flame wars of any kind will not be tolerated and both parties will be given just one warning. If the issue cannot be resolved in a mature manner within a reasonable amount of time, removal from the group for either or both parties will be at the administration's discretion.

3.) No spamming. (Strictly enforced!)

4.) Advertising is limited to the paid areas or to groups that have been set up specifically for that purpose. You can advertise on your own member page. Spamming by placing your advertisements on other member pages, comments, discussion forum, in blogs or in e-mails is strictly prohibited and cause for your account to be removed from the site. As far as sharing other sites of interest that you wish to share, feel free to post on your own page, but do not create blogs advertising the site, send e-mails or enter comments on member pages unsolicited. IF YOU ARE HERE SOLELY TO MARKET A PRODUCT, then this is NOT the site for you.

5.) We do have a group on the site called "THE LYNX LODGE EXCHANGE that has been created expressly for sharing network badges and/or websites. You are welcome to post the badge of another network or a link to another website on this group. Please also refrain from soliciting donations. If you are seeking donations for a animal related cause, you may solicit requests on your own page or you may post them to the ANIMAL ACTION ALERT Group listed under your own DISCUSSION page. Please START A DISCUSSION of your own if you wish to ADD a an animal related cause to the group, rather than adding it on to another person's "cause" page comments. Each "cause" should be posted on it's own discussion thread, where others can respond to it directly from there on your own comment board.

Anything deemed by the site administration to be objectionable will be deleted without notice.

6.) No "In Your Face" public postings. We all know that there are animal abuse issues, and causes that need to be addressed; however, please do not post graphic pictures or videos reminding of such. If you do place an entry that is considered inappropriate for the site, do not be surprised if it is removed without notification to you. Since these issues are close to everyone's heart or they wouldn't be a part of this site, rest assured that we stand behind activists searching for resolutions; however, there are gentler ways to seek support for these causes. If you feel that you must post graphic material, please confine this to your profile page.

We have also set up an "ANIMAL ACTION ALERT" Group where you can add information about your favorite animal rights "cause" to the discussion board in that group, along with a link to the "action" website.

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Alert: I have been emailed by a stella abud who says she was responding to my profile on Totem Talk.

She posed as a worker in a UAR bank. 

If anyone is similarly approached be aware that this is a scam designed to access your bank account details.   

Thank you for the heads-up, Michael ... she has been removed from the site, and all of her content along with her. I approve each membership request that comes through, to keep spammers and scammers off the site, but every once in a while, one sneaks through my filters. So I appreciate a head's up if any inappropriate content shows up on this site. I hope you're enjoying exploring the site and meeting all of the animal totems. :-) ~ Sincerely, Terri 


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