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Dragonfly ~ My Eastern Gate Animal Spirit Guide

Montage by Jannokas85
Music by Arvel Bird

Journey to the East with Dragonfly by Jannokas85

With the power of my intention I now ask for sacred Space all around me... I call upon the powers of the Sacred Directions to protect me from harmful energies... I now call in only those guides, who love me and honor my free will... THANK YOU all for coming!


Dragonfly is a magical totem, signifying our ability to transform ourselves as we travel our path of self knowing toward enlightenment.

Its iridescence and shifting colors lift us into dreamtime, where we understand that "reality" is the illusion. Our visions are channeled through our unconscious mind, ever connected to The Great Mystery that is Life.

Dragonfly reminds us to celebrate Spirit in all living beings. When Dragonfly enters our lives, it is time to dig deeper, lift the illusion of suffering and believe in our limitless divinity.

DRAGONFLY'S POWER ~ Remember the absolute power of truth. Reality resonates differently in different dimensions -- Dragonfly can help us access the truth from all perspectives. Let go of the energetic heaviness of your internal baggage and see the truth, because that is what will lighten you up and allow you to ascend into a new way of being.

A person carrying Dragonfly energy is someone who has had an amazing struggle to give birth to their own truth and to step fully into their personal power. This transformation has been unfolding at a more accelerated pace over a 2 to 5 year period.

It is now at the time of emergence that we are at our most vulnerable and must be safeguarded. Poised on the brink of flight we stand into a higher and finer life than we may have possibly imagined or ever thought possible.

It is said that Dragonfly was once Dragon covered with beautiful, shimmering scales and wielding great inner strength. It could change form at will, and light the darkness with the fire of its breath. Coyote tricked mighty Dragon into changing form and believing itself to be tiny Dragonfly.

Because of pride, Dragon got caught in its own illusion just as we, because of ego, are forever accepting our facade as our true selves. Too often we believe our failures, our shortcomings and our limitations are real.

We have forgotten that we too can change form at will, wield great inner powers and can light our darkness with our hope, determination and faith.


I am ready to show the world my beauty.
I am an emerging leader in my community and my family.
I empower others to tell the truth & I tell the truth as I know it.
I reveal my true self to myself and to others.
I see the undeviating justice at work in my life.

I am responsible for my own emotions.
I see how I attract that which is like itself.

I accept myself as I am.
I meditate to commune with the truth that is in my heart.
I am already whole and perfect.

I have psychic abilities which can help transform my life.
I seek to explore my full human potential.
I uncover my special genius and use it to create magic in my life and for the world.

END of journey. Gently returning now to ordinary reality. Thank you Dragonfly for taking me on a journey. Thank you, my trusted Guides, for holding me in Sacred Space. And thank you All That Is.

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