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Nature’s Lyric Symphony

tumbling waterfalls sing to me
liquid lyric symphony
walking in the forest
I felt an overwhelming
sense of peace
the trees stood rooted firmly
 in the earth
and  birds sang
sweet songs that never ceased...
so enraptured was I
 by this place
that I was prompted
 to dance
 with unconscious grace
and as I flung
 my arms into the air
the scent of wildflowers
 through my hair...
my bare feet
tripped lightly
on the rich earthy ground
as I danced
 in this breathless place
renewed energy I found
and as I felt my soul revive
and my spirit come alive
I knew
 that no matter
what destiny
 had in store for me
I could always dance
 like this in the forest
 to once again  feel free;

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