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How I became Spirit Bear!

How I Became Spirit Bear!

All throughout my childhood my older brother Gary and I felt there was something different about ourselves. Something with a greater significance than we could understand as children something that would shape our adult lives, to an unimaginable degree. Growing up in the Midwest in the fifties and sixties was so much different than it is today! Back then we usually made our own toys. Whenever we would play cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood kids we…


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I wrote this sometime ago I hope you enjoy it!!

Hidden From View!

 They made us many promises but kept only one

They promised that they would take our land, and did

They made us treaties but they never kept one

We signed treaties with them and kept them

We dealt in good faith and we dealt with honor

They dealt in deceit, with no intention of honor

We knew nothing of similar actions, or of such dishonor

We would never dream someone to have so much…


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It was Sunday afternoon and I was sitting out front of a local flea market talking with a dear old friend Kyle and his wife April. When to everyone’s surprise a sparrow, which are usually very skittish and would rarely let someone get close to them. This one instead weaved its way through the other people standing nearby and flew right over and landed on my left shoulder. It did somewhat startle me at first, however I have a rescue cockatiel at home and he will fly…


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National Day of Mourning!

July 4th is a day of mourning to many a First Nation citizen! I am asking all that reads this to say a prayer for the true inhabitants of this great land. May all prosper in the days to come, and may all no longer have to live in third world conditions on this land of plenty!

I will be holding a cleansing ceremony at sunrise to try and eradicate the injustices perpetrated by the United States Government against my people in days gone by! May you, your family, and household be blessed with… Continue

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