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Who is/are your guide/s and how did you met them?
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I was wondering who are your guides and how did you meet them?My guide is Tipvigut, she is a young polar bear(Around two or three years old) I have known about her for a month or so, I found her…Continue

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Started this discussion. Last reply by Core Feb 3, 2016.

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Core replied to Scarlegs's discussion Who is/are your guide/s and how did you met them?
"When I looked up the tigers name I almost cried; It means God has Healed. "
Feb 3, 2016
Core replied to Scarlegs's discussion Who is/are your guide/s and how did you met them?
"1.) There is two that like to walk by me, They appear at the same time as well, Its a lion and a tiger both males from what I can gather.  2.) A while it seems, I never really though it was them. I love all animals but the two big cats…"
Feb 3, 2016
Jeff Bunting replied to Scarlegs's discussion Who is/are your guide/s and how did you met them?
"1. I have three animal guides that I'm currently aware of which are: crow, raccoon, lizard 2. I've known about crow for about ten years and raccoon about the same time. Lizard has popped in and out but seems to always be silently…"
Sep 2, 2013
Scarlegs posted a discussion

Who is/are your guide/s and how did you met them?

I was wondering who are your guides and how did you meet them?My guide is Tipvigut, she is a young polar bear(Around two or three years old) I have known about her for a month or so, I found her with this meditation. I just did a guided meditation that worked superbly, I could hear things and feel things, you can read about my experience here .So here are a few questions you might like to answer:1: Who is your animal guide?2: How long have you know about them?3: How did you find them?4: Could you explain in detail(You don't have to if you don''t want to or don't have the time.)See More
Aug 13, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"Wow! I was browsing the school library and I asked my totem animal to show itself to me and I turned around and saw a polar bear on a book!"
Jul 17, 2013
Scarlegs posted a blog post

Is this true?

I was browsing the comments on a totem meditation video when I saw some one who said she/he could read who out totem was, I decided to message her/him to see if she/he could.This is the replyIts an African elephant, female, named Zengana. She said you need to move forward in life, face new challenges, set new goals and dont look back. She said be careful what you listen to from others about things, and follow your own heart and intuition. When it rains go outside and let it shower you- as rain is a natural form of energy for you. Hope this helps. xxxIs this true? Can she/he really read my totem? Could elephant be another totem?Help please!Blessings,-ScarSee More
Jul 13, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"Hmmm, I'm trying to think of new ways to talk to Tipvigut. I might even write my own meditation!"
Jul 13, 2013
Scarlegs updated their profile
Jul 8, 2013
Scarlegs posted blog posts
Jul 7, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"My 'shrine' is on a little coffee table in the corner of my room, it has little Polar bear figures, a PB plush and my favorite stones on it."
Jul 7, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"Just set up a little 'shrine' to polar bear in my room...Hmm, now where did I put my potpourri bowl?....Hehehe"
Jul 7, 2013
Scarlegs left a comment for Erin
"I like your homepage as is! Though I do think you might want a raven/ wolf header! Have you read the in detail version of my meditation? (It is on my page)"
Jul 7, 2013
Erin left a comment for Scarlegs
"Wow your homepage is pretty cool! I like mine black. I am very comfortable with it ^^"
Jul 7, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"I just found how to colour text! Now it is green :-D This website is awesome!!"
Jul 7, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"I did up my page to feel more 'homely'! Beautiful ice crystals falling down the side of the page and strong polar bears guarding the top!<3"
Jul 7, 2013
Scarlegs posted a status
"First day back to school after the winter holidays! I hope I can get back in the routine!"
Jul 7, 2013

Profile Information

Please tell us a little bit about yourself
I'm a young person wanting to learn about my totems!
I don't want to say my real name but you can call me Scar!

I've been interested in totem animals since 2011, though I 'took a break' from them most of 2012.
What brings you to this website?
I want to learn about my totem and how she could help me!
I'm also looking for a place to converse with fellow totem lovers!
Do you have a special animal totem that has come to you?
I think it maybe the polar bear because she's not my favorite animal(I love cats!) but I feel a strong connection with her.

I was at my school library when I asked my totem to show them self to me(In the form of a book title/cover) I then went wandering through the library. I saw a horse on the spine of a book, a dog on the cover of the other, but they didn't feel right. I then asked the librarian help me find a book on endangered animals(School project) and while we were looking I saw a book that was not previously there!I then felt drawn to another book with a blank spine. On the cover of both books was....Polar bear!

I've also had a few journey totems, such as tiger, spider, ant, snake and fox. I might also have the cat, though I'm not too certain.
What are some of your favorite Animal Totems books and resources?
'Animal Speek' by Ted Andrews
What are some of your favorite Shamanic Journeying CD's, Musicians, and Music?
Hmmm, I like this (Polar bear prayer)

This (Guided animal meditation by 'Teen Witches' on you-tube)
This (Guided meditation by Charming Pixie Flora on You-tube)
How did you find us?
I was looking for a place to hang out and chat about my totem and others totems and new ways to connect with her!

How I met Tipvigut for the second time(In detail!)

I used this video.

I walked along the brown dirt path it was a path well walked by others. Dry grass, only just shorter then me lined the edges. I could see the glowing eyes of animals, no faces were shown..Only the warm glowing eyes. I wasn't sure how to bless the land so I just threw my arms out in front of me and said a few words. I kept trekking along this magnificent path until I got to the clearing. The clearing was surrounded by tropical type bushes, beautiful multicolored flowers blooming everywhere. The 6 'portals' had circular rings around them, kind of like a photo frame. All contained the different environments, they looked like subtly moving pictures in their 'frames'!

I was drawn to 'portal' number 6(Ant/Arctic) the 'portal' was surrounded by a rusty silver frame that looked of Celtic origin. I went down the path that led to the portal, the vegetation on this path began to get covered in ice, then it thinned out until it was gone...I was through! It was a clear day inside my portal, not a cloud in the sky. By this time my visualization was becoming grainy and so when I heard big paw steps crunching softly through the snow I was glad my guide had come when I could still see; a little.

A polar bear emerged from a thin shroud of mist that had formed, she was huge! She was as tall as me(Though I'm short so she was probably normal sized!) when sitting and a little shorter when standing on all fours. I had already guessed polar bear was my totem, I just wanted to be sure by doing these meditations to meet with her. Because my vision was extremely fuzzy and I wanted to confirm she was who I thought I said, "Your name is Tipvigut isn't it?" She bowed her head slightly. "Are you my totem?" I asked, another slight nod. I hugged her around her neck, her course fur was slightly softer then I imagined it would be and my vision cleared up just enough that I could see her, 'smiling' down at me(The best a polar bear can).

Then the meditation was winding up, so I had to leave, I thanked her for her time and cooperation.I made my way back through the portal and up the path that gradually grew warmer. I stopped at the mouth of the clearing and looked back, making a mental note to come back and talk with Tipvigut soon.

I had met Tipvigut before and she had no name, so I went searching on the internet for one. I found a beautiful name that meant 'water' but Tipvigut was leading me to her name, which means 'Snow drift' in Inuit.

This is the best meditation I have ever done and I would definitely recommend it. I would hear and feel my surroundings other then just seeing them! I still have to learn to smell my surroundings and not let my vision go fuzzy, but I'm getting there!

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At 11:03pm on July 7, 2013, Erin said…

Wow your homepage is pretty cool! I like mine black. I am very comfortable with it ^^

At 11:18pm on May 28, 2013, Erin said…

I am very well thank you :)

At 9:15pm on May 24, 2013, Terri Benning said…

Hi there Scar Katt,

The page you requested for the POLAR BEAR has been added to the site. Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to post additional links to that page's comments if you find them as well.  Have a great weekend! ~ Terri


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Is this true?

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Shrine to my guide

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I might have met my guide?

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