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CLAN of the HAWK:

Elemental Chief: FIRE

Elemental Totem: HAWK

Related BIRTH TOTEMS within Hawk Clan:



* Independent
* Trailblazing
* Courageous
* Impetuous

Hawk Clan individuals are born with the drive to Initiate. They are the trailblazers of the Clans with the Group Consciousness to Discover All that is New. As a result, their function within the greater tribe of Humanity, is to be the Clan that broadens boundaries which might otherwise limit the progression of Humanity within the ~physical~ plane. They are not on the ~Good Red Road~ to build or to harvest, they are the Clan that forges the way ahead in preparation of the planting and harvesting that is to be done by the other Clans. And here-in lies the challenge of this Clan . . . to learn the gift of Patience, for to utilize our gifts to their fullest potential, we need also to have true understanding of that which would appear to be our polar opposite.

Think of the Hawk soaring high, held aloft on the invisible hands of the Four Winds. His eyes scan all below and before him with a perception that is without equal, and yet his true desire is not to know what lies below, his true yearning is to rejoin with ~Grandfather Sky.~

As such, Hawk Clan souls are always looking for Higher Union of Spirit, and will be restless and anxious until they learn that true union comes first in the form of the union between Personality, Emotion, Mind and Soul, or that which is referred to in esoteric astrology as ~integration.~ When the union has become complete, when the Hawk Clan member has lown in each of the Four Winds and learned the lessons unique to each, then the union with Grandfather Sky will be attained.

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