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CLAN OF THE BUTTERFLY ~ (Deer, Crow, Otter)

Elemental Chief: AIR

Elemental Totem: BUTTERFLY

BIRTH TOTEMS within Turtle Clan:



* Intelligent
* Curious
* Idealistic
* Impersonal

The Butterfly Clan is infused with the motivation of planting thoughts and ideas. In the Hawk Clan, we saw the Initiators, those who blaze the trail ahead and see from above that which needs to be done. Then, the Turtle Clan arrives and Prepares the Earth to receive the seed which is planted by the Butterfly Clan.

As such, these souls are the harbingers of messages from the Ancestors and focus their attention on conveying the express wishes of the Elders so that ~Great Mystery`s~ plan can unfold itself upon all that is Living.

They are not concerned with the actual process of the work that is required in order to fulfill that Plan, their primary function is to make certain that their voices are heard, their concerns in all things are expressed, their ideas shared with the other Clans so that their motive has been achieved.

Think here of Brother Butterfly, as he flits from a rose to a morning glory to wild lavender . . . he doesn't rest for long in any one spot, yet as he dips his tongue into the sweet nectar of the flower, he is also picking up pollen which he will then carry with him to the next flower where it will be deposited so that the survival of that particular species of flower is then ensured.

In much the same way, a member of the Butterfly Clan will travel wide within his own circle, sharing his thoughts on topics of both personal and global concern. She will be the one who suggests new ways of thinking of things, the one who comes up with new and original perspectives that will lead to the resolution of encountered problems.

The challenge for Butterfly, is to know when the time has come to still his restless body, to quiet his active mind in order that he may hear the gentle whisperings of his soul. Only until he can learn that there are times when ~Great Mystery~ asks us to stop and enjoy the Moment, revel in the sweet nectar of the ~now~ can he achieve his true desire, to witness the unfolding of Universal Love as it flows across all nations, creeds and religions, knowing he has played an integral part in the brilliant unfolding of the Plan.

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