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How the Lion got its Roar!

The jungle, Africa

Thousands of years ago, lions in the world couldn't roar. Because they could not roar, they couldn't be the king of the jungle.

One day a little lion cub asked his mum, “Why do tigers roar and we can’t roar?”
Mum replied, “Tigers can roar because they stole the roar from a big, giant roaring monster. If you want to roar, you have to go and find a roaring monster and steal its voice.”

The very next day, the little lion cub set off in the jungle to find a roaring monster. Suddenly he heard a loud roaring noise from a cave in the middle of the jungle. He quickly ran to the cave and saw a huge monster inside. He quietly sneaked up and bit the monster so hard that he roared loudly. Then the lion quickly collected all the roar in a little jar and ate a little himself.

When the huge monster tried to catch him, the cub opened his mouth and tried to roar. Surprisingly he roared so loudly that he scared the monster into pieces. The lion cub went home happily and showed his mum his new roar. His mum was very surprised by him and took the jar and gave it to all the other lions in the jungle.

That’s how the lions got their roar and became the kings of the jungle. That was the myth of how the lion got its roar.

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