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How the Lion Got His Mane.

The Lion ruled the vast Savannah.
All the animals thought he ruled fairly,that is until he became obsessed with getting a mane.
It started when Lion saw Horse showing off about his glossy new mane. Lion thought how marvelous it would be if he, the king of the jungle, had a mane. "Hey Horse!" Roared Lion "Come and tell me where you got that fantastic mane!" Horse galloped over and started to explain that he had woken up with his mane just this morning. Lion was disappointed and walked away. Suddenly Lion had a brainwave. What if the animals got leaves and stickes to make him a mane! It would be much better than Horse's!

The next day Lion made his grand announcement.The animals were confused but they decided they had to do as lion said, after all he was the king! The animals worked hard to find leaves and sticks. At the end of the day all of the animals were tired. Bird used water to stick all of the animals findings to Lion. Lion swans around with his new mane showing it off. But then suddenly the "Mane" falls to ground.

The animals grow quiet and some even turn pale. Lion opens his mouth and starts roaring at the top of his voice! "You didn't try hard enough!" Roared Lion "Look at what I have done for you!" Lion points at the vast Savannah. "And look at what you did for me!" Lion pints to the now sticky mess on the floor. All the animals turn their heads to their feet. Lion is so angry He runs head first into a tree with silky golden leaves. The next thing you know the tree falls on poor lions head! The animals rush to help him, but Lion has already escaped the trees strong branches. But, WOW! The leaves have amazingly stuck to Lions head! The animals gasp and then secretly smile at each other. Lion jumps up and swishes his new golden mane!
All the animals sigh with relief they were glad that was over! Lion was ecstatic he roared about his mane being a mark of royalty.

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