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An Oto Legend - The Two-Legged Creature

Long ago, when man (which was called the two-legged creature) could talk to animals, there was peace. Everyone called one another "brother". One day in winter, man was waking up and saw bear. He asked, "Brother, where are you going?"

Bear answered, "I'm going fishing." Man asked if he could go too. Bear said, "Yes." So they went to the lake. When they got to the lake, bear told man not to try to fish because he did not have thick fur like bear. But man thought he could do it, so he jumped in. The water was freezing! Bear swam over and took man to shore. Bear covered man with his fur. Bear was mad! Man had not listened to him.

A few days later, all the animals had a meeting about man. They all agreed that man was not listening to them. Then dog said, "I will stay with man and keep him out of trouble."

Horse said, "I'll go, too." Then dog and horse went with man. So that is why the dogs and horses are good friends with humans.

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J'adorre : c'est tout à fait vrai : les animaux sont là pour nous aider!!!


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