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Welcome to the site and to our new Totem Talk community!

This site was created to provide a place for those who may have an interest in learning more about their own personal animal totems to gather, to learn and to meet new people and make new friends.

In time, this site will become a fantastic resource for all of us who wish to locate specific animal totem information quickly, easily and readily through the Totem Talk group archives located under the tab TOTEMS A - Z.  New animal totems are being posted to these alphabetical groupings daily, and over time, we will have a very convenient and comprehensive "shortcut" to locating some of the best information to be found out there on the net located all in just one place here on the Totem Talk website.

We are also featuring some great articles, research, reference and resource links on Shamanism, traditional Animal Wisdom, journeying with your personal power animals and other related topics of interest for the ongoing enjoyment, enrichment, learning and personal growth of our community members.

This is a *brand new* online community, and as such, we are still in the process of getting it all set up. We are adding new content to the site daily, so please check in regularly to see WHAT'S NEW on the site. In the mean time, please feel free to explore the content we have already added to the site, to familiarize yourself with the site features and how to use them, and to meet and make new friends as well.

The FIRST thing each new member may choose to do is to set up their personal PROFILE PAGE, and add a PROFILE PICTURE to replace the default icon, and fill in the brief questions on your profile page. This will help other members gain a sense of who you are and what your interests are, so that it's easier to meet and make new friends in the community. Also, having a profile picture helps distinguish your personal page from all of the other 'default' pictures when someone wishes to respond you to directly. It can be difficult to locate you in the member listings, if your profile picture looks like dozens of others on the member's page. Animal totem pictures are cool to use too, as are favorite pets, places, paintings, artwork, and all help create a more distinct and interesting profile package, making it easier for others to make a more personal connection with you.

Here are FOUR SIMPLE THINGS you can do to get started on the Totem Talk site.

Please READ ALL of the Totem Talk "Rules of the Good Red Road" thoroughly when you join this site, as well as reviewing the basic online Netiquette Rules. Thank you.


If you have questions about how to use the Totem Talk website features, we have just started a new SITE HELP GROUP where you can post your questions and receive responses from fellow community members, as well as from our ADMIN. team. This is also a great way to meet new friends and to become better aquainted with your neighbors here on the site as well.

We are working hard to get all of the information you will need posted to the new site, however, in the mean time perhaps those who are more experienced with the site features can assist those who are not familiar with them.





We hope you will enjoy being part of our new Totem Talk community, and if you find that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them to the SITE HELP GROUP, or to contact any of our ADMIN TEAM with your questions or concerns, and we will respond to them a soon as possible.

Have fun exploring the site, and don't be shy, just reach right out there to someone you think you'd like to get to know better and say HI! Just remember that old saying,"strangers are simply friends that we've yet to meet."

Best blessings to you,

Terri and the Admin. Team

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Great welcome message!!


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