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Special Live Online Chat with ARVEL BIRD
Date: Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Place: Michael Mosaics Chatroom at:
Chat Log Editor: Janno Kondrashev

LotusLadyHawk: Hi there!

SANGELFIVE: hi there

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LotusLadyHawk: Hi there Badger ... how are you tonight?

Badger65: Hello I'm good ty and you?

LotusLadyHawk: I'm doing great tonight, thanks! Where are you from Badger?

Badger65: I'm in TX

LotusLadyHawk: Ah-ha! Very cool! You've no doubt seen him perform live then, eh?

Badger65: every year for the last few and have gone to see him in OK

LotusLadyHawk: Very cool.

Badger65: Where are you from Lotus?

LotusLadyHawk: Never seen him perform live, I'm in Northern California. Sonoma county wine country ... about 60 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Badger65: he is totally awesome and a great friend

SANGELFIVE: canada. hi badger

Badger65: hello. you have to see him live Lotus, the energy is awesome


LotusLadyHawk: Oh yes, I'm thinking of planning a trip down to Arizona this summer to see him live. BTW Badger, my name is actually Terri. What's yours?

Badger65: you won't be disappointed

LotusLadyHawk: I can't imagine ever being disappointed in one of his performances. He's amazing, even on video!

Badger65: Nice you meet you Terri, My name is Badger. yes he is. he's my best bird friend. Badger is fine, that's what most know me by.

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LotusLadyHawk: Hey there Arvel!

Badger65: (((((Arvel)))))))

LotusLadyHawk: So good to hear you're feeling lots better!

SANGELFIVE: hi arvel

Arvel: Hi, everyone!

LotusLadyHawk: Happy to hear it!

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Arvel: OK, we have a small group tonight, so that'll make it much easier, right?

Badger65: ((((((Kim)))))

kimberly: Helloooo

LotusLadyHawk: Well, we don't know yet ...


LotusLadyHawk: it's not 6 PM yet, and people are often late. :-) We'll see.

Arvel: Yes, I'm feeling MUCH better. I never even heard of altitude sickness . . . who knew??? We're in Denver, about 3,000 feet lower and I'm fine!

LotusLadyHawk: Oh, GOOD!

Badger65: how is my favorite bird?

kimberly: Hi Badger, Hi Sangelfive

LotusLadyHawk: Yes, I know, I didn't know about it either until I came down sick with it myself a few years ago.

Arvel: Doing great, Badger. It was good to see you in TX.

LotusLadyHawk: NOW I know though :-)

Arvel: LadyHawk - it was a rough ride with it, wasn't it?

Badger65: It was great seeing ya'll

Arvel: Badger, I like your new man, too.

LotusLadyHawk: Oh yeah, no fun at all. The headaches really were awful. Feet swelled up about twice their size too.

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Badger65: thanks but don't know if I'm keeping him

LotusLadyHawk: The first time, but no more. :-)

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LotusLadyHawk: Hi there Nini, welcome to the chat tonight.


Badger65: hi Nini and Chuck

LotusLadyHawk: Hi Chuck, you "snuck" in on me there. :-)

Arvel: Hi, Chuck and Nini - we are unmoderated tonight, so if you have
questions, or comments for me, just let me know. I'm here!

LotusLadyHawk: Glad you could make it tonight. :-)

SANGELFIVE: hi chuck

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LotusLadyHawk: That's right, just fire away!

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Badger65: I have one

Arvel: So, here we are in Denver and the next gig is Territory Days in Colorado Springs. Anyone coming? We'll be in CO for several weeks with a side trip to Kansas for a festival.

SANGELFIVE: hi arvel we would love to see you in canada

Arvel: Go ahead Badger. Thank you, Sangelfive, Kimberly just submitted me to something in Ontario and we're looking at other gigs, too.

LotusLadyHawk: Welcome ohszq!

Badger65: when ya coming back to TX?

SANGELFIVE: i am in victoria bc

Badger65: hello ohszq

Arvel: We will be in TX the first weekend of October for Cowtown Celtic. Someone saw me at the Market and booked the band straight away!

LotusLadyHawk: yes, we west coast folks want to see more of you too!

Badger65: yippeeeeeeeeeeee

Arvel: Oh, the other side of Canada, right, Sangelfive? I'll ask Kimberly to work on that, too.


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Arvel: LadyHawk any nibbles for gigs up there in the NW?


LotusLadyHawk: Near Seattle Arvel.

ohszq: Hello everyone-Hi Arvel!

Arvel: Seattle's good! Who is this, ohszq?

LotusLadyHawk: Oh yes, for sure ... we just need to know WHEN you're thinking about coming out this way. Then we can work from there.

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Arvel: How about late November, early December, LadyHawk?

LotusLadyHawk: Hi Kathryn! Great to see you again!

Badger65: hello Kathryn

Kathryn41: Hi Terri, Arvel - everyone

Arvel: Hi, Kathryn. We're unmoderated tonight. Welcome.

Kathryn41: you too

LotusLadyHawk: Yeah, nice and casual.

Kathryn41: thank you

ohszq: That crazy seamstress from "Kentucky"

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LotusLadyHawk: Hi Nini10 ...

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Kathryn41: I'm going to be in and out tongiht - multi-tasking - so that will be nice

Arvel: Oh, Suzanne! Good to see you!

Badger65: hello Butch

Butch: Hello

Arvel: Only you women can do that, Kathryn!

LotusLadyHawk: Yeah, great to see you Kathyrn... glad you're here. You can just relax and enjoy this time. :-)

Arvel: Hey Butch!

Kathryn41: and I will, thanks!

LotusLadyHawk: Hey there Butch, welcome to the chat tonight.

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Arvel: How's everything up there in Long Island?

SANGELFIVE: why do you guys stay in the east side of things never come to west side you could teach other native kids here

Butch: Hello Arvel

Arvel: Hi, hawkbell, welcome to our unmoderated chat tonight.

LotusLadyHawk: Hi Hawkbell144, welcome to you as well!

Butch: Fine thankyou

ohszq: Glad to be here-the concert excerpts on Youtube were wonderful-a
great birthday present!

Arvel: Sangelfive, that's a good question, we mostly don't seem to get north of Colorado and Utah much, but believe me that's on our radar screen! Thanks, Suzanne, it was an amazing concert!

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Arvel: Did anyone else see the Youtube videos that Kimberly and Jody uploaded from Rochester?

LotusLadyHawk: Hi there Anita, welcome to the chat tonight! :-)

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LotusLadyHawk: Oh yes, every one of them! ;-)

Arvel: Hey, Prudy! Good to see you here.

Badger65: I haven't yet

chuck46: Hi, y'all!

Prudy1954: Thanks handsome

Arvel: Hi, Southern bell! We are unmoderated tonight, so please just ask your questions or make comments and Kimberly is right next to me to keep me on task.

Butch: Yes I did see the youtube show also in Rochester, pretty cool!!!!

LotusLadyHawk: INCREDIBLE performance, as always, with a NY touch! :-)

southernbelle1: hello arvel

Arvel: NY has always been a GREAT state for me to play in. I don't know why some more than other, but we really like it there and will be back next year for a few gigs.

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LotusLadyHawk: Hey Anni!

Badger65: hi anni

Arvel: Hi, Syyoscot - don't wait for an invitation, just ask your

anni: Aloha!

Arvel: Hi, Anni

LotusLadyHawk: Good to see you again! :-)

Arvel: Oh, I mean, Aloha!

LotusLadyHawk: ((((Anni))))

chuck46: Arvel, I'm relatively new to your music. I wonder... do you ever perform with symphony orchestra?

anni: great to be here

LotusLadyHawk: Good evening and welcome to you tonight wyyoscot!

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SANGELFIVE: arvel how did you find out your native back ground?

Arvel: Hi, Chuck - yes, as a matter of fact, I just debuted, my own Tribal Music Suite with the Symphony of the Canyons. I should have some video of the concert of May 8th soon. You can see the Rochester Chamber Orchestra on YouTube. I had alot of my Animal Totems music transcribed, as well. So it's really cool, now.

Butch: Arvel, how is the sage crop this year?

ohszq: You are planning (I hope) to come back to Florida?

LotusLadyHawk: Please feel free to just type in your questions, comments, etc to Arvel tonight ... we're going unmoderated this evening. :-)

Arvel: Butch, we haven't seen alot of it, believe it or not. I do have a bag for you though, so will get it sent this week. Suzanne - yes, but not sure of dates, yet. Florida's another of those magical states that we'd love to build more on.

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Arvel: Sangelfive - I always knew I was Paiute, but my mom was in denial (although looks-wise, it was real obvious).

katielinKY: HI everynone good evening

ohszq: And we will do all we can to help and promote you and your music!

Butch: Thank you buddy, I know you will always come through one way or another.

Badger65: hello katie

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Arvel: Hi, Katie! How are you doing??? We're in Colorado and you're out there, now, right? Kimberly just told me.

SANGELFIVE: i have for years been trying to get answers from my family

LotusLadyHawk: Hi there KatielinKY! Welcome to the chat tonight!

southernbelle1 Arvel do you know when your next album will be in production?

Arvel: Thank you, Suzanne - we're take all the help we can get.

LotusLadyHawk: Hey Red, welcome to you as well this evening.

katielinKY: Yes Arvel, I am in Kentucky now. ty Lotus

SANGELFIVE: but it is like a secret

Arvel: Hi, Southernbelle - I'm in pre-production on the next album meaning, I'm looking for songs and writing some new music, but I just don't know yet.

LotusLadyHawk: The chat is unmoderatored tonight, so you can just post your questions as you wish, and Kim will help Arvel keep track of them.

katielinKY: I know

southernbelle1: will it be more like the animal totems or ride indian ride?

Arvel: I'm also looking into some collaborations with Gabriel Ayala, Kevin Locke, and a Canadian David Maracle, but we're just talking and figuring it all out. We'll see. They're great musicians and I would be honored to record with any of them.

katielinKY: awesome Arvel

Sky: Will you make stone mountain this year:)

chuck46: I am American of mixed European descent, but I feel that I have a lot to learn from Native America.

ohszq: Can we look forward to a CD of Rochester?

Arvel: Southernbelle - that's a good question, some will probably depend on who I record with, so, it could be anything from latin samba to traditional flute music. You just never know about me, right?

katielinKY: I'll be at the Denver Indian Market, to see you guys Arvel in January

Arvel: Sky - yes, I'm booked in November at Stone Mountain. CANNOT WAIT! Georgia is a GREAT state, too.

Butch: That would be wonderful playing with Gabriel Ayala, he is a wonderful musician.

southernbelle1: I am in GA

Kathryn41: cool, Arvel! I'm close to Stone Mountain too

Arvel: Chuck - don't we all - and the good thing is we can focus on and honor all of our heritage as we learn more.

chuck46: I am in TN

southernbelle1: I will have to attend then

Badger65: any kind of music you play is awesome Arvel

Prudy1954: I look forward to seeing you in Loudenvill in July Right?

Arvel: Suzanne - maybe a video, but prob not a CD, union issues may prevent it.

Arvel: See you January, Katie

Arvel: Butch, yes, he's awesome and a really nice guy, too.

katielinKY: I wish I could find out about my Cherokee heritage, but the Bible where the info was is lost

LotusLadyHawk: Hi there Prudy, didn't see you come in ... welcome to the chat tonight. :-)

Arvel: Oh, Chuck, are you part Cherokee?

katielinKY: Yep, Arvel

ohszq: Can't wait! It was amazing to hear your music translating to the symphany.

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Arvel: Yes, Southern bell, come on down. It'll be a festival and a Saturday night concert. Check out my website.

SANGELFIVE: arvel do you know anything about white doves back ground that live with elvis presley family

Arvel: Katie - there is a friend of ours in Knoxville who works on cherokee Geneaology and we can sure turn you on to her.

Badger65: Kim, will you please remind me of the Oct. show in TX so I don't miss ya'll? Pretty please

LotusLadyHawk: Welcome, bnuffer, to the chat this evening.

chuck46: Focus on and honor our heritage... yes. I don't reckon that I have any native ancestry... my wife believes that she is strong with Cherokee.

LotusLadyHawk: Just feel free to jump right in there and ask ARVEL your questions.
Chat is not moderated tonight. ;-)

katielinKY: oh wow, can you Arvel? I would like that

Arvel: Sangelfive - white doves background - no, don't know anything about that.

SANGELFIVE: ok thanks

kimberly: Katie Are you on the email list?

katielinKY: yes, Kim

Arvel: Katie - email kimberly and she'll send you her info.

LotusLadyHawk: How is the video coming along for Ride Indian Ride, Arvel?

katielinKY: Ok Arvel

Arvel: LadyHawk - we have footage to send you and will send it this week. Kimberly promises. Chuck - we're all mutts, anyway.

LotusLadyHawk: GREAT, can't wait! :-) Fun, fun, fun! :-)

Sky: Do you recommend any softwear for recording of my own flute music? Editing also..

Arvel: Everyone, in case you didn't know, we're working on several videos from Ride Indian Ride CD. Sorry for the delay, but will get those rollin' now that we're a little more stationary in Denver for a few weeks!

LotusLadyHawk: When are you heading back to Arizona again? And how long will you be there?

Arvel: Sky - I use Cubase 5 and that's what I highly recommend.

southernbelle1: chuck I am part cherokee and decendents came from north carolina too, but all the english, scottish and german show in me!!lol.

LotusLadyHawk: In Arizona, I mean?

SANGELFIVE: do you think native familys will every come back together so that they have pure natuve blood

chuck46: That's right, Arvel... we're all mutts. :)

Arvel: LadyHawk - nothing for AZ for a while, probably December time frame. But we'll be in NM in August. I'm going on memory, so if anybody has my schedule up on their computer, please correct me.

Prudy1954: Who is your favorite muscian besides yourself

southernbelle1: so chuck i am a bigger mutt!!

LotusLadyHawk: Great question Prudy! ;-)

Arvel: Sangelfive - I don't see that happening. We are just all mutts and pretty soon we'll be the "Mutt" race!

katielinKY: lol

Prudy1954: All one race

katielinKY: I sent the email Kim

SANGELFIVE: i think it happening

LotusLadyHawk: Ah, okay, thanks Arvel.

SANGELFIVE: don't know why but i think it is already happen

bnuffer: Arvel with the beautiful music and story behind Journey of a Paiute, do you think it will ever be put on screen as a documentary or movie?

Arvel: Prudy - One that pops up frequently is Jean Luc Ponty, Yanni (don't laugh, he's a GREAT musician), some of the older guys include Sugarcane Harris, Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention).

SANGELFIVE: because of the half breeds

Butch: Arvel, Please no squirrel jokes please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arvel: Sangelfive - that we're already mutts?


Arvel: Bnuffer - we are working towards that. We have a choreographer that we met in Rochester who is eager to do that part and a screenwriter in OK, so it's probably a ways off, but we're moving forward.

Arvel: Sangelfive - well, most people are less than half of anything anymore.

bnuffer: awesome, I have a brother in law that is a director if you need one :-)

ohszq: It's sad in a way because then everything will be so beige- and I like color-as long as we don't forget our culture - I'm european like chuck, but my people were tribal cultures and horse cultures (gyspies and Huns) so maybe that's where my connection lies!

Arvel: Have I missed anyone's questions or not answered?

chuck46: Arvel, a good friend of mine (Blackfeet/German) asked me to orchestrate some of his music for an upcoming performance with the Helena Symphony. I'm going to give it a try, but I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge. Any advice? Do you know anybody that can help me? (I dig Yanni, also :) )

LotusLadyHawk: That would be very cool Arvel, the film ... I hope it happens in the future.

Arvel: Chuck - Yes, Yoham Ortiz and Jeff Brown are two that I used. Email me offline for their contact info.

katielinKY: I'd sure like to see that film too

anni: I'm wondering if you have a site that shows all you're upcoming gigs? I hope to be in Tennessee and on up to Michigan in September

LotusLadyHawk: ;-) Katie

Arvel: Lady hawk - we also have a Native opera singer who want to write her own part in this performance. She used to sing with Pavarotti and sang at the Met Opera for years!

southernbelle1: do you get some of your ideas from alot of the different places you travel also?

chuck46: Thanks so much, Arvel.

Arvel: Anni - yes, it's

LotusLadyHawk: OMG, that's totally awesome Arvel!

* red14 Quit

katielinKY: wow cool Arvel

anni: thanks! I love your diversity

Butch: Arvel how's the coach been treating you lately?

Arvel: Southernbell - yes, I do, esp. the dramatic scenery of Southern Utah, Colorado, it's all just inspiring. And of course, just watching wildlife is a real plus!

* Anita06 Quit

Arvel: Anni - thank you. It's been said I never met a genre I didn't like. Butch - the coach is great. Comfy and we didn't need a/c today.

LotusLadyHawk: Terri likes "just watching wildlife is a real plus!" part. :-)

SANGELFIVE: you know some thing i think our parents did something years ago my mom told me that a lot of babys in the hospital

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anni: lol! great site

katielinKY: I hear that Arvel, I am the same way

SANGELFIVE: were swich

LotusLadyHawk: Hi Anita, welcome to the chat tonight!

Arvel: Butch - oh, I forgot, we did have a blowout on the tow vehicle in Northern Arizona. Needless to say, we're meeting with the adjuster tomorrow morning. Thank goodness for Geico.

southernbelle1: Arvel which song was the hardest and most challenging to do?

LotusLadyHawk: It's a free fire questions at Arvel night tonight, so feel free to go for it. :-)

Arvel: I think that must have happend alot pre-60's, Sangelfive.


Prudy1954: What's your favorite album of yours

Arvel: Southernbelle - of all my music? To write? or to Perform?

SANGELFIVE: that is why i don't know who i am

southernbelle1: both

Arvel: Prudy - Tribal Music Suite is and always will be my soul song.

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Arvel: Sangelfive - have you contacted the hospital that you were born in?

bnuffer: Before I leave the chat I just want to say I met you at the Zion flute and Drum festival a few weeks ago and it was a pleasure!

LotusLadyHawk: Hi there lynda5, welcome to the chat tonight. :-)

Arvel: Sangelfive - some geneaologists can find that info, too.

Butch: Lookout for those nails on the road. Good thing you were all safe.

SANGELFIVE: they born the papers after 10 year in canada

Arvel: Thank you, Bnuffer ! I don't know who you are by your nickname, but we had a great time and will be returning to headline next year.

lynda5: howdy Arvel just stopping by to show some love

Arvel: Hardest to perform is Movement 5 of Tribal Music Suite - many layers, feelings, movements.

bnuffer: My name is Bonnie, I made a joke about you not playing Rockness for me :-)

Arvel: Thanks, Butch, yeah, it was a wild ride. But we are fine. The tire actually exploded and blew the bumper off!

Arvel: Lynda - love back at ya, girl. See you this weekend?

LotusLadyHawk: Interesting, I'll have to listen to that track again. Holy cow! (about the bumper blowing off! :-)

Arvel: Oh, yeah, Bonnie - I'm sorry, but if you remind me, I'll play it next year. And you can see the chamber performance on Youtube.

katielinKY: we have a really nice auditorium here in Franklin, KY Arvel, if I talk to some local people that run the Auditorium about you, If I ask them to get you to come here, think you would come? Asleep At The Wheel did a show there, it is a nice one

bnuffer: I will keep an eye on your schedule and next time you are in Utah I will drop in.

Arvel: Katie - of course, I would. i have a great band out of Nashville, so it'd be easy. I'll be in E. TN in November (not on the calendar, yet), but if you give us a contact person, we'll follow up!

katielinKY: Ok, I will Arvel

Arvel: Thanks, Bonnie - and we'll be back to Utah, as soon as possible. We both love it there!

chuck46: Ditto KatielynKY, for Dickson, TN. Would love to have you visit Dickson Middle School...

lynda5: i have to work on saturday but i will be down there sunday and monday

katielinKY: hey Lynda nice to see you,

Prudy1954: How many shows do you do in a year

bnuffer: I've been fortunate enough to see you a few times here, so I will track you down

SANGELFIVE: arvel you would love victoria

Arvel: Chuck, I love the schools, I can do one on my way through to E. TN in November. . . lemmeno. Email us offline with more info. The kids love Pungo!

Arvel: Cool, Lynda, see you then.

LotusLadyHawk: OMG, yes, its gorgeous in Victoria!

Arvel: Prudy - about 160-ish. I haven't counted this year yet.

Prudy1954: Are you getting enough rest Handsome

Arvel: Bonnie - as long as you don't HUNT me down, we're ok. I'm sure I would love Victoria, the NW US is beautiful and anything south of the Northwest Territories of Canada has got to be beautiful, too!

chuck46: I have a heart for Canada, sangelfive...

katielinKY: I am glad you will be at territory days Arvel, glad it worked out

Badger65: well Arvel and Kim I just wanted to say hi and I miss ya'll. take care and travel safe. Love ya lots

Arvel: Prudy - well, as I yawn, um, NO.

SANGELFIVE: cool chuck

Prudy1954: Remember to breathe

Arvel: Chuck - My enrollment is actually Canadian Me'tis, and we take every opportunity to go up there, too.

LotusLadyHawk: Always really enjoy seeing your pix with the kids, Arvel ... it's great that you support their budding interest in the music and the arts.

Arvel: thanks, Badger, miss you, girl, take care. Prudy - thanks for the reminder. I'm sure I don't do it enough.

SANGELFIVE: i have my metis card

Badger65: see ya in October. nite

Arvel: LadyHawk - yeah, they are so interested AND interesting and I love the kids I'm currently mentoring.

SANGELFIVE: my girls are and so is me son

Arvel: Bye Badger!

katielinKY: hage Bager

LotusLadyHawk: They are very lucky indeed to have you as a mentor too.

katielinKY: Badger*

Arvel: Sangelfive - Metis are so into their fiddling. I guess I'm destined to enroll with them.

* Badger65 Quit

LotusLadyHawk: I wanna' come back in my next life as one of those kids. :-)

katielinKY: lol

Anita06: Hi Arvel Have you ever thought of letting high school bands use your music for concerts and competitions

Arvel: Ladyhawk - Kimberly wants to come back as one of our Shih Tzus. I want to come back as a red tailed hawk.

LotusLadyHawk: LOL .. quite a re-arrangement there, for sure! :-)

katielinKY: oooh cool Arvel

Prudy1954: Is the hawk in your totem?

southernbelle1: Funny i had a lot of questions to ask you but as soon as i got on here my mind went blank!!:)

LotusLadyHawk: speaking of "arrangements" ... hahaaa ...

chuck46: Arvel, there are myriad native cultures... do you find a common thread that runs through them?

* bnuffer Quit

Arvel: Anita - No, but I certainly would if they requested. I'm not sure how that would work, but I'm always open. I would like to write for the air force band, though!

LotusLadyHawk: Great question Chuck.

katielinKY: they are beautiful birds, have seen real red tail hawks, many times in Colorado

Arvel: Prudy - it's not one of my 9 totems, but it's what I'm aspiring to. If you want to know more about the totems, ask LadyHawk. What is the link, Ladyhawk?

Arvel: Chuck - yes, the arts, in my case, specifically music. You don't need words.

LotusLadyHawk: the link is:

Arvel: Southern bell - well, take your time, and just shout own when you're ready! LOL! Thank you, LadyHawk

LotusLadyHawk: Actually, you do have Red-tailed Hawk in one of your positions Arvel ... forget which one at the moment though, sorry. (Post chat note: it's in your MENTOR position. :-)

Arvel: I have learned so much from my sessions with LadyHawk and use
what I have learned in my shows and in my personal life.

katielinKY: cool

LotusLadyHawk: Thanks very kind of you Arvel.

katielinKY: I know the Horse and Owl are 2 of mine, have not found any others yet

LotusLadyHawk: You are a very quick study and a great student too. :-)

Arvel: It's true, LadyHawk, and I'm looking forward to the next session. I'm sure we can do at least another one this week?

SANGELFIVE: my son is a derect sendent of l

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LotusLadyHawk: Great, yes, we will, and it's very timely too.

anni: I want to echo Arvel - I have also learned so much in LadyHawk courses.

LotusLadyHawk: Have some time available this week as well. So we'll do it! :-)

SANGELFIVE: sorry for spelling

Arvel: I'm highly motivated to learn about the animals. The Red Tail Hawk is my mentor in the West and the West represents what I have accumulated in this life so far!

chuck4: My screen went blank... chuck46 is now chuck4...

katielinKY: aw, wb chuck

Arvel: Cool, Anni - Isn't it fun? And REALLY helpful!

LotusLadyHawk: Ah, thanks Anni. It's really been fun working with you and your animal totems as well.

Arvel: Great, Ladyhawk, will touch base after chat.

Prudy1954: Thank you LadyHawk for the info. Arvel where did you meet Kim

Arvel: Spelling is overrated.

SANGELFIVE: if someone dreams about a buffle man and eagles being awake what does that mean

LotusLadyHawk: Arvel, you have a great grasp on the animals, look at the music you make from their energy!

anni: just saying "yes" doesn't quite say it - with her help a whole area of my life is opening up.

LotusLadyHawk: An amazing connection you have, so natural, easy and free, which is the best kind of connection to have! ;-)

ohszq: I have learned so much about animal totems but still have a thousand times that to learn for my creative journey!

LotusLadyHawk: The structure is good and helpful to know though too. How each animal totem fits into the bigger picture of our lives. There is an underlying structure that everyone can use to grasp their meaning and importance more deeply. What's great about working with the animals is that they are usually very easy to connect with for most people, even before other humans.

Arvel: Prudy - I was doing a duo with Jeff Dayton in Phoenix, Arizona about 21 years ago and this gorgeous redhead was dancing with a bunch of her friends. It was country dancing (not pole dancing). She asked me to dance during a break because I was too shy. But her Uncle was a fiddle champion and I think that was the first connection.

chuck4: I think the strongest lesson that I have learned in my conversations with folks who know native ways is that we are all related... not just people, but all living beings... we are all family.

* chuck46 Quit

katielinKY: that is very true, chuck

LotusLadyHawk: yes, I agree with you chuck.

anni: Chuck - yes!

ohszq: I agree too!

Arvel: chuck -yes, that's exactly right and that's why it's so important to respect everything and everyone.

Prudy1954: We are all energy, seeking the truth, love, light

* hawkbell44 Quit

LotusLadyHawk: Sometimes it can be difficult to connect with people, but the animals are always willing partners in establishing connections with us.

Arvel: Prudy - Yes, we are all vibration and each one of us is actually our own expression. I've heard it said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that is what I try to remember daily. Bugs are spiritual beings having a bug experience . . . etc.

katielinKY: well I look for 2 of them love escapes me, and am ok with it have such good friends in my life

Arvel: They're also less threatening on many levels, right, Lady Hawk?

LotusLadyHawk: They are eager to have their "connections" with us recognized, honored and validated. Absolutely Arvel, yes.


Arvel: So, animals are much like we are, we all want to be valued.

southernbelle1: out of all types of music there is which is your favorite that you listen to in your spare time when you are not focused on yours

LotusLadyHawk: LOL Prudy.

chuck4: I hear what you're all saying that much can be learned from the animals... the awareness of the animals' presence before humans and that they maintain a collected wisdom is a thought unique to native cultures, and very profound...

LotusLadyHawk: How right you are. :-)

SANGELFIVE: i am a spirit being having a human experience lollllllll

katielinKY: lol

Prudy1954: Unconditional Love I believe the animals give and want

Arvel: Southernbelle - right now I'm listening to Gabriel Ayala's CDs and Bird Songs, and meditation music.

katielinKY: aren't we all

LotusLadyHawk: I think the single most unifying force is working with the Animals.

Arvel: Chuck - you are right on the money with that one.

ohszq: I don't know about any one else-but I have two dogs and I would rather spend time and connect with them than some people I know! LOL!

Arvel: Sangelfive, right on, sista!

LotusLadyHawk: Nearly everyone can relate to animals, beyond all the rest of their belief systems.

katielinKY: I hear that ob

anni: ohszq - I agree I love dogs - and any animal

SANGELFIVE: thanks arvel i will get my wigs back

Arvel: Suzanne - well, that is a problem that Kim and I have because we absolutely love them and other than the occasional feeding and walking and tummy rubs, they don't ask for much! LOL

SANGELFIVE: thanks bro

Arvel: Animals seem to transcend most religions.

LotusLadyHawk: Arvel is one of the very few, if not the ONLY, musicians I've ever seen dedicate so much of his time, energy and attention to the Animal Totems in his music. And he expresses them so beautifully and ACCURATELY too!

katielinKY: True

Arvel: And their meanings and their spiritual wisdom don't get mucked up with all the human "crap".

ohszq: They are the epitome of unconditional love!

Arvel: Aw, Ladyhawk, go on, you're embarrassing me.

LotusLadyHawk: The energy and the "energy-in-motion" is just perfect for each one.

Arvel: No, really, go on, don't stop! LOL

LotusLadyHawk: LOL .. It's really TRUE! ;-)

SANGELFIVE: lolllllll ok bro

Prudy1954: Word Girl

katielinKY: hahahaha

Prudy1954: With such Love

chuck4: It's just that a few simple thoughts can change your perceptions, which in turn change your choices, which then change your life.

katielinKY: right, chuck

LotusLadyHawk: It's okay, you can blush Arvel ... really, I have been so amazed at how the music in each of your songs so EXACTLY matches their natural gaits, energy and movements in the wild. :-)

Prudy1954: Ditto

southernbelle1: i have three kids but my other kids is a shih tzu mojo and chihuaua daisy..

Arvel: Chuck, that's it exactly. The only way to change your life is to change your choices. Wayne Dyer said it perfectly, but the quote escapes, I'll remember it in a minute.

SANGELFIVE: it is like some people what you to eat vegables and native people only ate meat and fruit

Arvel: Lady Hawk, well you would know since you put the songs to video so perfectly.

LotusLadyHawk: It's just amazing to me, but you have truly nailed them all spot on the money. :-) Thank you, Arvel, for your kind comment too.

chuck4: Change is scary.

Arvel: Mojo and Daisy - I hope they are spoiled rotten.

LotusLadyHawk: Well, that was part of HOW I discovered that they fit so perfectly. haa.

southernbelle1: they are

Arvel: Change is scary if you only give your attention to what is. If you stay focused on what you want in the future, the change should come naturally and easily.

LotusLadyHawk: You know my vote is for another Animal Totem CD, of course. :-)

{Post chat note: I really love what you said above Arvel, and am consciously applying to my own life right now. You just never know how something you say might affect another person's life. :-) Thanks for sharing that insight ... it carries weight when it comes through from the voice of experience. :-)]

katielinKY: lol

LotusLadyHawk: Very interesting Arvel, and very true too.

Arvel: Well, AT3 is on the radar screen. We are still asking folks for suggestions for the animals. We've got raccoon, monkey, lizard, and some other interesting ones. More suggestions, anyone?

SANGELFIVE: did any one watch avatar

LotusLadyHawk: I like ALL of the ABOVE.

ohszq: You are a musical Dr.Doolittle! And you do it so well! So I'm for another Animal Totems!

LotusLadyHawk: How about an aussie animal ... for musical variation?

Arvel: Suzanne - OMG - don't let my publicist see that! She'll take it and run.

chuck4: My wife is calling... this hour has flown by. Thank you all so much. And thank you, Arvel, walking the walk and putting it to music. Intil next time, much peace to you all.

LotusLadyHawk: LOL, a musical Dr. Doolittle, I love it, except that he does A LOT! :-)

chuck4: Until

Arvel: Sangelfive - Yes, I watch it in 3D and at home. We had to buy it. It was pretty powerful and of course, it was fun to watch.

Arvel: Bye Chuck! Thanks for coming.

ohszq: Blessings!!!!

LotusLadyHawk: Good night Chuck, very nice to meet you!

SANGELFIVE: it shows how natives us to be

LotusLadyHawk: Have a good evening! :-)

katielinKY: goodnight Chuck take care

chuck4: :)

southernbelle1: lol.. to ohszq

Arvel: Sangelfive - yeah, the comparisons to tribal cultures and the references to Native indigenous was very interesting.

LotusLadyHawk: Until next time then!

southernbelle1: night chuck

* chuck4 Quit

SANGELFIVE: night chcuk

Prudy1954: See you in Loudenville Arvel

Butch: Arvel, let's keep in touch. Good-night.

Arvel: Cool, Prudy - see you there. Just a few more weeks!

Prudy1954: I will be my massage table

Arvel: Night Butch - see ya soon, I hope.

SANGELFIVE: ya it was

Arvel: Good Prudy, you'll be the first place we stop! LOL!

SANGELFIVE: i hate living like this

katielinKY: can't think of any other right now Arvel, will think on it

LotusLadyHawk: Oh, I have a request for an animal totem ... Tiger!

SANGELFIVE: i believe that earth glowed like that

Arvel: Sangelfive - if you hate living like that, then you're the only one who can change it.

LotusLadyHawk: Another good one would be Grouse, Arvel. You also have it on your male side.

Arvel: Tiger -- Yeah! Big Cat!

LotusLadyHawk: :-D yes, very big cat. :-)

Arvel: That's a great idea, LadyHawk, I like Grouse, too.

LotusLadyHawk: Grouse is on your Male side Arvel. It's a big part of your performance talent too, in fact.

Arvel: Sangelfive - but you have a lot of people who can help, too.

LotusLadyHawk: Definitely gotta get Grouse in there somewhere.

Kathryn41: Tiger is one of my animals - it is in my love position.

LotusLadyHawk: Yes, we have lots of Tiger in our midst. Several people in the class have it too.

Arvel: Well, we'd better go walk the girls before it gets dark. Thank you, everyone for coming. See you next month? We'll set a date soon.

Kathryn41: actually, Tigress

katielinKY: Ok cool Arvel, see you then

Kathryn41: it was good to see you again Arvel and Kimberly

LotusLadyHawk: Very nice Chat tonight Arvel and Kim.

Kathryn41: goodnight

southernbelle1: I really enjoy talking to you arvel and i hope you can do this chat again.

katielinKY: goodnight Kim too

LotusLadyHawk: We're all beginning to get used to the chatroom after a few runs, and it shows.

SANGELFIVE: thanks have a great night arvel

ohszq: I enjoyed this!!!

LotusLadyHawk: Becoming more causal and natural. And FUN, yes. :-)

* lynda5 Quit

LotusLadyHawk: I enjoyed it too!

SANGELFIVE: can't train a lion lolllllll

Arvel: Thanks everyone. Email us at if you want to contact us directly. Warm blessings to all.

kimberly: goodnight katie

katielinKY: Yes this is my first time and I enjoyed it too

southernbelle1: take care

LotusLadyHawk: Worked out very nicely tonight. Thanks for coming Katie.


LotusLadyHawk: And Southern Belle.

Arvel: Come back next time, Suzanne - Kimberly has something to talk to
you about, so she'll email you.

katielinKY: thanks Lotus

Kathryn41: I'll say goodnight as well - thanks everyone, it was very pleasant

Kathryn41: night Terri:-)

* Prudy1954 Quit

katielinKY: goodnight Kathryn

SANGELFIVE: night all

anni: Thanks all nite

LotusLadyHawk: Warm blessings to you and Kim too Arvel.

katielinKY: nite sangel

* anni Quit

SANGELFIVE: have a greatr night

Arvel: Bye Kathryn, Bye Sangelfive

* Anita06 Quit

* Kathryn41 has left #michaelmosaics

ohszq: Please keep me in your prayers-I'm having back surgery Wed.

LotusLadyHawk: Have a great night!

katielinKY: goodnight all take care

* Arvel Quit

katielinKY: I will ohszq

* kimberly Quit

SANGELFIVE: have email thanks

LotusLadyHawk: Very nice to meet you Stacy, and I look forward to hearing from you as well.

* southernbelle1 Quit

* Butch Quit

LotusLadyHawk: Night to you too Butch, thanks for coming tonight!

ohszq: thank you!

* wolfwoman has joined #michaelmosaics

SANGELFIVE: thanks for the add on myspace

* katielinKY Quit

* ohszq Quit

LotusLadyHawk: Goodnight ohszq, and Sky! Thanks for coming tonight. Hi Wanda!


LotusLadyHawk: Just missed the chat, but we can edit the chat log this time ... it was a very nice chat tonight.

wolfwoman: Hello! Just came in... Did I miss tonight's chat with Arvel?
OK ... well next time my essence will time it better!

LotusLadyHawk: yes, it started at 6 PM. He only stays for an hour, unlike myself. Hey, are you home now? If so, how bout I just call you now?

wolfwoman: Yes just got home after our matinee. Yes, call me!! I almost called you a half hour ago.

LotusLadyHawk: okie doke, will close up the chat and send the log out for editing, and then I'll call you. Good, will do. Give me 10 mins or so, and I'll give you a call. Talk to you soon! :-)

wolfwoman: Okay ... talk to you in a few...:)

* wolfwoman Quit

LotusLadyHawk: Night, Sky! :-) Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :-) Until next time! ;-)


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