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Before It's Too Late - Whale Shark - Gypsy of the Deep

BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE EPISODE 6 -- WHALE SHARK GYPSY OF THE DEEP looks at the enigmatic whale shark. A favourite with divers the world over, this the biggest shark in the sea has attracted the imagination and attention of people all over the world.

Unfortunately this includes commercial fisherman from the Far East.

The problem is, little is known of this giant fish, the biggest of all fish. But what is known is that it is one of the world's rarest fish and unless something is done to protect it this fish will go the same way as thousands of other endangered species, it could well become extinct.

Gypsy of the Deep looks at what is happening globally to this creature. We travel to the Indian Ocean, to the Seychelles and Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, to the Philippines where the whale shark has just be declared a protected species and to Taiwan where the aggressively hunt the whale shark for restaurant and dinner tables. We see the shark market where a huge pregnant whale shark was landed and see the only pictures of more than 300 pups that were inside the whale shark ready to be born.

Until now Whale Sharks have only been seen on film as single solitary fish cruising off the coast of Western Australia. In this film we see them congregate. We also see magnificent underwater pictures, music and storytelling tell of the plight of this gentle giant.

Above the waves we meet the people who are concerned for the species future, the conservation officers and scientists in the Seychelles, Australia, Japan America and the Philippines who are fighting to save these creatures.

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