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Right Side: King Crab: Personality Dynamics (Overleaves)

Michael_Entity: Please post your role and overleaves, along with your RIGHT DIRECTION animal totem for our purposes this evening. Simply fill in the following: ROLE, MODE, GOAL, ATTITUDE, CENTERING (PART), NCFs, BODY-TYPE

luluaussi: King Crab Sage Artisan cast Observation/Flow/Spiritualist/Emotional(Intellectual) Arrogance/ Venusian

luluaussi: that everything?

Michael_Entity: Thank you, yes.

luluaussi: Good... thank you!

Michael_Entity: We would remind you each tonight that the RIGHT SIDE animal totem most closely reflects the PERSONALITY DYNAMICS (aka: the overleaves) and the true and false personality manifestations upon the physical plane. King Crab is an interesting "study" for this fragment in this direction/position, and lends itself well to the personality dynamics and to the fragment's basic overleaf profile, particularly in terms of the NCF of Arrogance, and also the mode and goal as well. Crabs typically do not travel in a straight line, and are inclined to "side step" those "unknown" elements which do not serve to further it's progress, or deter it's path in some way. Crab is also a clever climber, as well as a clever thinker and creative partner in attaining goals and purposes that involve the strategic planning of the whole group in order to accomplish.

luluaussi: ok I get this

Michael_Entity: Crabs are equally comfortable in both solitary and group contexts, but is most "at home" in the company of those of it's own kind. Crab carries it's home, not unlike turtle, upon his own back, and can feel at home anywhere, both on land and at sea, however, it's fertile "soil" is truly the sea, where the crab may catch a ride upon the tide and move more easily and fluidly through it's watery world home. (Goal of flow)

luluaussi: ahhh

Michael_Entity: Crab upon land is another story, and is often seen struggling when attempting to walk upon the shore itself, due to it's internal navigation system which relies upon the waters in which it dwells to carry subtle vibratory "messages" that serve to inform the crab when all is not well with it's world.

Luluaussi: hence the "vulnerability" in Arrogance perhaps?

Michael_Entity: Crab uses these subtle senses to "observe" and to discern that which is taking place in it's world and to "sniff out" that which is most useful from that which is most "adverse" to it's survival as a species.

Yes, the shell is part of the protection that the Crab "wears" around it's delicate flesh in order to protect it from predators.

luluaussi: ok I was often told I "wore an Armor" that protected a soft underbelly

Michael_Entity: This "delicacy" is well known to and widely desired amongst its human predators as well. This is precisely the "protection" we are speaking to this evening, yes.

luluaussi: ok I apprehend well

Michael_Entity: It is through this soft underbelly that much of the pertinent data that is available to the crab "consciousness" or awareness passes and is digested and discerned.

Very well. The venusian body type is reflective of the warm, delicate flesh that lies beneath the "coat of arms" so to speak, that are part of this King Crab's essential defenses. King Crab fights well when it must, but would prefer to avoid conflict and to work collaboratively whenever possible.

luluaussi: I've never backed down from true aggression but definitely would rather negotiate and collaborate

Michael_Entity: King Crab collects many "secrets" that only those who are wise enough, gentle enough and penetrating enough might choose to unwrap, however, the unveiling is always revealing to those who would choose to take this time to discover "The Secret Life of Crabs". (Terri: Toni, I am sensing from the Michaels that there is alot about the functioning of crabs of which we, as humans, know very little. I am also getting that if you journey with your King Crab, it may show you some of these subtleties.

luluaussi: ok I've often resonated with the "side-longed" aspect of the King Crab. I wonder how the aspect of my ambidexterity comes to play

Michael_Entity: Despite it's tough exterior "shell" is a very sensitive, aware and observant creature who is well aware of it's own internal functions and how to "read" those subtle body messages through it's own protective shell structure. This is shown most clearly through the Crabs ability to move both right and left quickly, easily and effortlessly at any moment, and to do so equally well in both directions.

luluaussi: ok I can see that, playing also with the "fluidity" inherent within "flow"

Michael_Entity: It's actually a kind of dance that the crab employs, different "dances" are utilized for different purposes, however, it "speaks" with it's whole body, and not simply with it's mouth or it's eyes.

luluaussi: yes

Michael_Entity: Different movements and motions mean different things in "crab speak" that is to say. This is indicative of bringing the moving center to bear upon the emotional and intellectual centers for balance.

luluaussi: As a Sage it is so much more to me than words....this dance that "communicates" wholistically

Michael_Entity: That would be correct, yes.

luluaussi: so the use of "movement helps to get me out of my "mind"'s eye ?

Michael_Entity: Communication is a dance for both the King Crab and also for the fragment Toni in terms of the WHOLE BEING or the WHOLE PERSONALITY of the fragment herself.

luluaussi: I apprehend this well and will look at King Crab as a teacher that will help me find the balance between my exterior and interior

Michael_Entity: We suggest you journey with King Crab in order to learn more of it's relevant "secrets" for you personally, Toni. Precisely so, yes.

luluaussi: thank you for these insights tonight!

Michael_Entity: You're welcome.

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