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June’s Power Animal: Hyacinth Macaw ( draft)

The Hyacinth Macaw symbolizes that there are changes happening within your spirit at this time. Listen to the clarity being provided from within. You are transforming and beginning to see things from a higher light. The Hyacinth Macaw reminds you to dance to the beat of your own drum. To Listen to and be guided by our own intuitive nudges. No one is capable of telling you what you can or cannot do. But It doesn’t imply that we can or shall have what is unreasonable or what we aren’t already capable of. It is impossible to wish to become a rockstar pianist if we are not already dedicated to that line of work, or in that industry.


Yes, It is commendable to follow your dreams. But when your head’s in the clouds it can be difficult to follow that train of thought. Always commit to doing things that you are naturally capable of doing as some of the greatest outcomes can spring forward from it.

Don’t allow others to use you or to place you in a negative aspect. It is okay to ask or seek assistance from others. But it is also safe to retract from others if you feel you are now capable of fulfilling a spiritual need yourself.


You are tougher and stronger and more powerful than you believe yourself to be. The Hyacinth Macaw asks you to look deeper within yourself. Everything you need to know is within yourself. Everything you need to accomplish in your specific lifetime is within yourself. It is safe to meet a teacher that can allow you to bring it from within and out in front of you. So that you may utilize it to the fullest.

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