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luluaussi: Beaver : Venusian and I think Martian, not sure about the secondary tried to locate it

Michael_Entity: Thank you. One moment please. Good evening to you tonight Toni.

luluaussi: hello to you as well :)

Michael_Entity: We would begin our comments with the reminder that it is THROUGH the Body-Type that the Essence can and does "touch" down into the physical plane experience, and in fact, would have no such means of experiencing the physical plane reality without it. Thus is the BODY-TYPE an expression of, and a vehicle for, the Essence itself to dance in the physical plane existence in both the positive as well as the negative poles of that experience.


Were it not for the body-type, evolution upon the physical plane as you know it would not be possible in the first five soul age cycle levels of the fragment's evolutionary development. This is how important the BODY-TYPE *CHOICES* of the Essence truly are for each incarnate fragment extant upon the physical plane of experience.


Many fragments tend to minimize this importance, due in large part to the ideologies which serve to separate the spirit from matter, mind from body, and human awareness from cosmic consciousness. The body is often seen or experienced as "less than" the soul or the essence, when in fact, it is the very vehicle itself THROUGH which Essence might experience physicality, and progress itself along the path of return to the Tao.


It is often through the Body-Type itself that Essence's most important lessons and resulting progress are brought to bear upon each fragment in their journey home to the Tao. The positive and negative poles of the Body-Types are just as relevant and important to each fragment's personal progress upon the earth plane, as are any of the other overleaves, and yet very often, they are the last overleaf to be considered or "weighed" in the fragment's ongoing human evolution and "work" with our causal plane teachings.


We are encouraging each of you to take time to journey with your BELOW animal totem, and to allow them to SHOW YOU *HOW* their presence in your life serves to animate, support and reflect back to you how your OWN body type serves YOU, as an expression of Essence, in the current incarnation.

Here, we find that the fragment Toni has a venusian body type, which is warm, affectionate and highly socially active and engaged with others in the life, even as Beaver is also strongly "connected" with their own family and common "community" groups as well.


Beaver knows how to work well with others in order to accomplish a task which may be greater than the sum of all of it's "parts" so to speak, and each member of the community has their own part and role to play in building the dam that will become their shelter and their winter home during the most hostile and difficult of seasons and circumstances.


Beaver knows instinctively where to find what it needs to survive, and to help ensure the survival of its family and all of their community members as well, and they are eager to do their OWN part to make sure the entire community not only survives, but thrives as well, over the long haul.

luluaussi: I understand that well

Michael_Entity: There is a term "eager as a beaver" and this term is quite apropros in terms of the fragment Toni as well, we have observed. She is always eager to do her best, and is amongst the first to "dig in" and to do her part to make sure the bigger picture "needs" come together and meet their "fulfilled" goals and personal and collective achievements.


Venus body types are warm, active and are always ready for the next "move" even as they make their moves and continue working almost instinctively toward their most cherished (or loved) ideals, goals, projects or purposes.


Mars secondary body type is correct as well, btw, which is what lends additional strength of body, mind and spirit to the LOVE of the Venusian body type awareness.

luluaussi: ok thanks for clarification

Michael_Entity: Martian body type will not back down from a fight or from a difficult path or circumstance in the life, and will follow up with a sense of both physical and psychological strength and "courage under fire" when called upon to do so.

luluaussi: so the venus gives me "grace under pressure" and the mars "courage under fire"?

Michael_Entity: Thus, does the secondary martian body-type serve to strengthen, support and encourage the softer primary body-type choice of Venus, or the great "lover" of the cosmos, which in turn softens the "pure" effect of the Mars body-type to some extent, yes.


Yes, you are getting the message, even though the words themselves are not exactly precise.


Yes, the way you stated it is a very appropriate way of stating it Toni.

There is also a well balanced male to female aspect to this alignment as well, we find. Thus is the physical body type for the fragment Toni well balanced between both the feminine and the masculine aspects in terms of the body-type identification itself.


Very well then, that is all on this fragment's BELOW animal totem and body-type alignment for this evening.


Again, we encourage each of you to follow up with your own JOURNEY with the BELOW animal totem to glean deeper insights into your own personal connections with the animal totem for this direction on your medicine wheels.


Very well then, that is all for this fragment for now.

luluaussi: ok :) I often feel a connection tho to mercurial aspects is that my tertiary? Thank you so much

Michael_Entity: Yes, this would be an accurate assessment on the fragment Toni's part. That is all for now. Thank you.

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