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Spirit of Hippopotamus: Emotional Depths


Amphibious, an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation, speaks and sees truth and demands that others do the same.

Hippopotamus's Wisdom Includes:

* Proper use of aggression
* Ability to move gracefully through emotions
* Mother-fury when necessary
* Birth of new ideas
* Protection of family

The hippopotamus, sacred in Egyptian and African traditions, is the second largest mammal on earth. Its name means "Water Horse," and it spends most of its day in water.

Water traditionally represents birth, creativity, the emotions, and healing. the emotions. As Frog symbolizes the healing power of emotional release and tears, so Hippopotamus stands for the creative, flowing aspects of water. In this sense, it is related to the creative energies of the second chakra, which are connected to the flow of blood.

The ability of this animal to immerse itself in water for up to five minutes with taking a breath teaches us that we can safely immerse ourselves in emotions or the creative process. Because its eyes and nostrils are high on the head, it can stay almost completely submerged and still be aware of what is going on above water. This characteristic helps us to realize we can experience emotional depths without losing our perspective.

The size of the hippopotamus is also significant in considering the meaning of this animal. This animal, very substantial in physical terms, can guide us in grounding ourselves so we can face and dissolve emotional issues.

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