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Spirit of the Panda Bear: will power, ability to connect the Seen and Unseen, willingness to learn and inner insight, clarity of vision.

Panda's Wisdom Includes:

*Connection with Eastern Mysteries
*Able to connect the seen and unseen
*Willingness to learn
*Inner sight
*Clarity of Vision
*Ability to see beyond the surface
*Determined pace
*Fertility issues
*Ability to tap into higher knowledge
*Teacher for soul development
*Gentle Strength

Panda Bear

For those with this totem personal challenges related to polarized concepts are common. Past life ties associated with the light as well as the dark forces is also indicated.

The panda teaches us that anything can be accomplished if the desire is strong enough.

Panda medicine people often develop problems with the digestive system, so extra care is advised.

Those with this medicine will be happiest when living by themselves. Although relationship issues are common for those with this totem a panda medicine person will be forced to rely on their intuitive voice for nourishment and guidance. This aids them in developing a deeper understanding of who they truly are. From the perspective of spiritual growth this understanding is a fundamental requirement for the souls evolution.

The panda is a powerful teacher. All that is needed by the student is a willingness to learn.

Panda is a symbol of peace and strength. He is here to remind you to stay focused and put lots of time and thought and effort into whatever it is you are trying to achieve right now. It may be easy to become distracted and never finish your project, but it is important to remain steady and strong. Panda reminds you that if you can keep a steady forward pace you will be rewarded more than you can now foresee with the completion of your project. He is here to give you the strength not to stray, and to fill you with a quiet peace.

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