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Spirit of the Baboon: Sacred Guardian of the Judgment Hall, Wisdom,
Writing and Language

Thoth and His Sacred Baboon

Understanding the Monkey on Your Back

Baboon's Wisdom Includes:

* Defense of family
* Sacred to the God Thoth (God of wisdom)
* Sacred to the God Hapi (God of the Nile

Four baboons stand in the Hall of Judgment, listening to the appeals of the departed; the baboon is a counselor and mediator of the Egyptian gods who assists in the judgment of souls bound for the underworld. (The baboon is sacred to the God of Wisdom “Thoth”.) The baboon was connected to the profession of the scribes and to divine measurement. (The baboon was also admired in Egypt for its sexual lustiness and baboon feces were an ingredient in ancient aphrodisiacs.)

As an animal totem the baboon represents appeals to judgment, defense of the family, old world traditions and values and hierarchical domination through vocal assault and intimidation.

Thoth is sometimes portrayed as a baboon as he stands in the Judgment Hall of Osirus in the land of the dead. Ancient records say that four apes sit beside the Lake of Fire near the throne of Osirus. They listen to all appeals of the soul and judge it before it can pass into the lands of Osirus. Generally speaking, a baboon symbolizes writing. The Egyptian god Thoth is often portrayed as a baboon or as a scribe holding a pen with a baboon looking over his shoulder.

Baboons are primates that live with their family members in a close knit community. They groom, care for and protect their young in much the same ways humans do. Baboons are noisy and aggressive when provoked, especially the males. Some scientists believe that humans emerged from early primates because of physical similarities. But science does not understand the human soul as a separate creative miracle that is different from apes.

If Baboon is your ally he may wish that you would pay attention to your natural instinct to express your emotions. Are you the type of person who hides their true feeling from others? Baboons don't think twice about making a real racket when they are agitated or upset. Baboon is your perfect teacher. Baboon teaches you that your emotional needs for love and people who care about you are as important as developing your mind and succeeding in your school subjects. Baboon wants you to understand that crying is natural when you are hurt. Don't let anyone call you a crybaby! There is no need to exaggerate or get too out of control in order to punish those around you. But be vocal when you need something from others. Especially, if they are ignoring you. They won't know how you feel until you tell them.

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