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Spirit of the Caribou (Reindeer): Stamina, Gentleness & Self-Esteem
(Caribou is a Combination of Elk, Deer & Moose Qualities)

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Reindeer/Sami Folklore
Sami Legends
Sami and Their Reindeer:

Caribou/Reindeer's Wisdom Includes:

* Connection to home over long distances
* Power of wandering
* Protection while traveling
* Social skills
* Retention of ones power in group situations
* Ability to go long periods in the dark

The reindeer is a family-oriented totem, skillful in communication and social activities. This totem is a born-leader and welcomes any opportunity to guide others in his herd into new directions. Reindeer has an innocent demeanor and is helpful to friends and family members. Receptive to the needs of others this totem teaches how to adapt to community concerns. "All for one, and One for all" could easily be the motto for this totem. If a reindeer makes its appearance in your life the lesson may very well be that it is time for you to step up and take an active role in caring for the herd. If you have become isolated it may be asking you to take on a leadership role in getting everyone to work as a team. Or, if you currently have a domineering role, you may need to look and see if you are overshadowing others with your ideals, in that case, step back a bit. Guidance is a key role for this totem. Be a kind and helpful teacher, not a bossy one. It is little wonder that Rudolph (who would be categorized with other mystical totems) with his beacon red-light nose was chosen by Santa to guide his team of reindeer into the foggy Christmas Eve night. Look around you, your help is needed.

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