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Observational clarity. Ability to see that which is hidden. Unpredictable. Power and grace. Symbol of energy and curiosity.

The Monkey is curious and clever, and displays a great deal of energy. Learn from the monkey the art of observation, and expression of interest in your surroundings. The Monkey will protect those in your home, especially in social gatherings.

Monkey's Wisdom Includes:

* Movement through ego
* Ability to change environment
* Family protection
* Understanding excesses
* Good health
* Understanding success

The Monkey

Monkeys are fascinating animals to watch. Their acrobatic maneuvers hold the energy of effortlessness and grace. They twist, turn, jump, and hang with the greatest of ease. They crawl up and down tree trunks and leap from branch to branch extending their long arms outward towards the next limb. Once they arrive at their destination they stop, look around and contemplate what is in their immediate environment.

Moving in all directions, forward, backwards and sideways gives the monkey the advantage of seeing things from different angles. They have excellent vision and are able to see that which is hidden from normal view. Their master ship of movement and keen observation skills help them reach their destination safely. Those with this totem have the ability to know where they are going and understand where they have been. Through perseverance, focus and fluid movement their goals can be attained.

Monkeys are flat-footed animals. They walk around using all four limbs. When they walk their whole foot hits the ground at the same time. This links the monkey to the qualities of stability and sure footed. Their agility of movement is a reminder to us to maintain balance in all that we think, do and say. Leadership roles are often granted to people that hold this medicine.

Curious and clever a monkeys mood can change instantaneously giving them an air of unpredictability. A general theme for those that carry this medicine is to "expect the unexpected."

Monkeys are most active during the day. Their brains are large denoting a strong intelligence. After sexual maturity, male monkeys are at all times potent. This sexual potency is symbolic of birth, rebirth and new creation.

The monkey is a powerful ally to have. A master at shape shifting realities it prompts us to explore all aspects of who we are and who we choose to become. By learning from the monkey and applying its skills of power, grace and observation, foundations are created that give birth to our choices. Eventually these choices will manifest in our lives so if monkey is your totem be careful of what you choose.

Monkey (All Types) - A symbol of Dark and Light. When a monkey appears in a dream or meditation, it is there to teach you to see both the Dark and the Light in life. As a totem or power animal, the monkey encourages your creativity and imagination.

The Monkey in Dreams:

Monkey spirit challenges the dreamer to beware of false-hearted associates who will befriend us only to advance some personal agenda. The lesson with monkey is to be playful, self-reliant and light-hearted. Monkey's gift is the heart of our inner child. The key is to recognize the wise fool who waits in silence until the moment we release it from the chains of our conditioning. Thus, monkey medicine brings great freedom to the dreamer.


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Comment by Terri Benning on April 14, 2010 at 9:07pm


To the Mayas of the Classic Period, they were the divine patrons of the artisans, especially scribes and sculptors.

Howler Monkey Gods

In the mantic calendar, Howler Monkey (Batz), corresponding to Spider Monkey (Ozomatli) in the Aztec system, denotes the 11th day, which is associated with the arts.

Day 11. Ozomatli (Monkey)

Mayan Nahuales: Batz

Meaning and Personality*:

“Howler Monkey, Ancestor, Thread."
In Yucatecan, Chuwen: "Spider Monkey."
In Nahuatl, Ozomatli: “Monkey."

West is his direction, his color Black. He is the “Uncle” of our Primate Ancestry, a view of ourselves as we look into the past. He is the Artist, the Musician, the Day-Keeper, the Diviner, the Trickster, the Actor, the Scribe and the Storyteller of all that is past, present and future. He is the “thread”, “b’atz”, that one unravels to see earthly antiquity. Monkey is the ancestor in the trees that howls at his own fate as much as he laughs at ours. When the “wooden people” were destroyed in an ancient age those that were left behind on earth were transformed into monkeys and given reign over the trees, those wooden beings from which the wooden people were crafted.

Monkeys are sexual beings and their licentious ways make them fun to be with. Maya see their most “base” self as being much like their ancestor the monkey: always lustful, always hungry, and always playful. But it was Monkey in another age that forgot to recognize his Creator and Former through prayer and sacrifice, and because of this fault they lost their world and were sent up into the trees.

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