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“I believe, as do so many of my fellow Americans, that the wild horse is an irreplaceable national treasure. It would be a tragic mistake to allow this noble creature to disappear from our western landscape.” —Robert Redford


WILD HORSE EMERGENCY ~ Sheryl Crow and Viggo Mortensen

December 29, 2009 — Sheryl Crow & Viggo Mortensen take a stand for saving the last few remaining Wild Horses and Burros in America! This PSA/Short film tells the viewer how to take positive action in contacting our elected officials in Washington D.C. helping to create positive change. The Time In Now!

Viggo Mortensen Wild Horse PSA

Actor Viggo Mortensen speaks out on behalf of America's wild horses. Please support the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign - for more information and updates, visit

Why the Wild Horses are Vanishing

Copyright / Voluntary Instinct Productions. Reproduction or unauthorzied use of this video is not permitted. David Hesse of Wild Horse & Mustang Rescue worked briefly with the BLM wrangling wild horses. He was left bewildered why so few people know what's really happening to our wild horses, until he did some research for himself.

VoluntaryInstinct's YouTube Channel Page


LauraLeigh001 — March 21, 2010 — Trailer for the DVD presentation of "Calico Retrospect." The DVD will take you through the gather operations from horses free on the range at the Bureau of Land Management's Calico Complex in Nevada through capture and processing. The finished DVD will be available soon. Order info will be posted here soon!

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