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Spirit of the Rhinoceros: Keeper of Wisdom, Ancient Wisdom, Past Life Connections, Sensitivity to Feelings and Smells, Solitude, Spiritual Idealism


Rhinocero's Wisdom Includes:

* Learning comfort in solitude
* Connection to ancient wisdom
* Knowledge of self
* Proper use of ancient wisdom
* Trust of instincts

Rhinoceros is a solitary animal and teaches how to be comfortable within yourself. Rhino is the embodiment of the axiom: "Know thyself!"

Since Rhino is an ancient animals, it often gives it totem people insight into their own past lives. Meditating on Rhino can often result in unlocking those memories. Often how you see your Rhino gives insight into that past life.

Two horned Rhinos come from Africa while one horned Rhinos are from Asia.

People with a Rhino totem have a heightened sense of smell. The sense of smell is symbolic of higher discrimination, spiritual idealism and higher wisdom and Rhino gives all of these to their totem people.
Trust your inner wisdom. Don’t look at appearance only – go beyond and trust your internal senses.

Rhino will help you see the wisdom in your life. It has a solidity that will help you put your life in its proper perspective.

The Rhinoceros:

The rhinoceros is a survivor of the age of giant mammals and are basically solitary creatures. They are descendants of ancient times and bring with them the energy of comfort in ones own solitude. They teach us how to quiet a busy mind and relax within ourselves. Rhinoceros prefer their own company and know how to create and enjoy their personal space. This in itself is a powerful teaching for those that hold this medicine.

The rhinoceros is characterized by one or two horns on the snout. Its most distinguishing feature may well be the cause of its extinction. Their horns are prized by traditional Eastern cultures. They have been carved into daggers and ground into powder thought to have healing powers. They have also been used as aphrodisiacs. Their horns, composed of a mass of keratin, a fibrous protein found in hair are used for digging up roots and other edibles. Their poor eyesight compensated by their acute hearing and sense of smell teaches those with this medicine how to sniff beneath the surface and use discrimination in all the choices they make.

This amazing animal holds the energy of spiritual idealism. In part this is due to their peaceful and timid nature. Although the rhinoceros has a reputation for being dangerous, especially the black rhino, it is generally quite passive and only becomes aggressive when threatened. It is often seen going out of its way to avoid trouble.

Spiritual idealism can be a blessing or a curse depending on how it is applied in ones life. If a persons ideals are so high that the achievement of that ideal is unattainable depression can set in. Those with this medicine should remember to stay grounded in their pursuit of spiritual growth by taking things one step at a time. Patience and perseverance are the cornerstones of this medicine.

The Rhinoceros holds the secrets of survival. It is a guardian of ancient wisdom and reminds us to tread gently on earth and respect all life. In this way spiritual idealism is attained and peace on earth is established. When you call upon the rhinoceros these ideals await your discovery.


The Woolly Rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is an extinct species of rhinoceros native to the northern steppes of Eurasia that lived during the Pleistocene epoch and survived the last glacial period. The genus name Coelodontameans "cavity tooth". The woolly rhinoceros was a member of the Pleistocene megafauna.

Recently, the oldest known woolly rhinoceros fossil was discovered from 3.6 million years in the Himalayas on the cold Tibetan Plateau, meaning it existed there during a period of general climate warmth around the earth. It is believed that they migrated from there to northern Asia and Europe when the Ice Age began.

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