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Uploaded on Dec 11, 2011
Amazing Earth Article:

Deep in the stunning wilderness of Andalusia, southern Spain, a big cat is in trouble: the Iberian Lynx is on the brink of extinction.

These majestic predators are top of the food chain in a land where hungry eyes are always watching. Their chief competitors, wolves, are always in search of a free meal and the smaller cat must sometimes back down.

In an ever changing world, the seasons challenge the hardiest of inhabitants -- the mighty black vultures, massive deer, wild boars and wild sheep are pushed to their limits -- but any sign of weakness and the hunters will strike.

The Iberian Lynx once called the shots, but now a new threat looms; hunting and habitat loss have reduced the lynx population to less than 200 animals and scientists fear they will be extinct within the next decade.

In this stunning documentary we follow the fortunes of two of these beautiful predators, as they struggle for survival among the empty wetlands and sun-bleached mountains of Andalusia.

A female cat tries to raise her young, perhaps the last hope for her kind. But after the tragic loss of the female's litter of four, and having survived a tough year, we can rejoice in the arrival of new kittens and celebrate a hope for the future.

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