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Ole’ Grandmother Owl


…if I were an animal

I think I’d be an owl

an ole’ Grandmother Owl

napping on a sighing  bough…

… with one eye half open

and a chuckle in my breast

as I watch over the young mothers

with babies in their nests…


… at night with fireflies glowing

I would share my tales of roaming

of adventures and near-escapes

and all the things I know

and look deep into each owlets’ eyes

and tell them they still have far to go…


and while other owls are moaning

‘bout their aching joints & throbbing pains

I’ll teach all the little ones

songs of sun and rain

I’ll share with them the seasons

and reasons things are the way they are

and encourage them to make a wish

on every falling star…


…if I were an animal

Grandmother Owl I would be

napping with one eye open

in the shadows of a tree…



Hoooooo would you be?


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