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Hello Everyone! Looking To Connect With Orca 'People'



        For the last 15-17 years, since I had my first 'episode' with bipolar disorder at age 19, Orca have been showing up consistently in my dreams. Before the episode, (and since), I've always loved and appreciated Dolphins but in these past years the Orca has become a consistent dream-symbol for me. I'm still not sure about things because I didn't keep a dream journal, the Orca were not always the same in my dreams... sometimes scary, sometimes curious and sometimes friendly. I'd like to connect with anyone that has an affinity, or special connection with Orca and learn anything I can about their experiences and interpretations with Orca as a totem or animal guide, or anything along those lines. If anyone would like to share something here or in private that would be great. My dream is to next Summer spend a month in the North West or New Zealand watching the Orca and Dolphins and would love to hear anyone's stories or insights.

Be Well,
Bret W.

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Comment by Miss Weaver on December 5, 2011 at 7:41am

I have some great info on orcas just might take me a bit to find it so i will get back to you :)

Comment by Miss Weaver on December 5, 2011 at 7:41am

I was very interested in Orcas as a child ...I even got to be in a small boat with a pod swimming around us, it was very wonderful.  I feel as if I was able to use its strengths or medicine when i was younger and for now I am trying to get back to that point but it serves me great challenges to test me.  

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