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Hello all, warm blessings :)

Below are some photos of trees around here that I have taken...hope you enjoy...I take many photos of nature but I suppose my favourite trees that speak and call to me are the Birch and Willow:)

Love and light, Poppy.




"Reach for the Light"




"Ever Watchful"

Photography (c)PoppySiver

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Thank you SO much Poppy for posting your beautiful tree photos to our new TREE TALK group! I feel like I am right there with you when I see them, and can feel the energy radiating from them! Very, very cool!

Here is a video I made several years ago to help save one of our local redwood grove "park" which is the spiritual heart of our area for sure. I visit there regularly, and have been visiting from the time I was a very young girl. Suffice it to say, this park is very special and very meaningful to me, so I HAD to do something when it was facing closure due to state financial budget issues. Fortunately, it is still open and I visit there regularly with deep gratitude in my heart for their presence in my life.

Help Save Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve

Trees are absolutely ESSENTIAL to our survival on planet earth, which is one very good reason why they deserve a space here on our Totem Talk website. And I'm so happy to see some of your special trees honored here as well. :-) 

Beautiful Earthy images Poppy... full of majesty.



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