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The Queen of Trees

Clip of the Winner of Best of Festival in the International Forest Film Festival. Impeccable, creative cinematography aside, the wondrous thing about this study of a single sycomore fig, Africa's queen tree, is that it's a microcosm of the eco-complexity of the Earth at large.

United Nations Forum on Forests website:

Tree Magic - The Annual Cycle

Trees have always played an important role in the lives and beliefs of people around the world. They reflect the passing of the seasons of the year as well as the seasons of mankind.

Bits and pieces from a programme about old trees put together with some music. (The name of the programme and the title of the songs are listed in the end titles)

The Importance of Trees

Dance of the Trees

Forest Spirit

10 Most Magnificent Trees

Taking a Walk Into ... The Forgotten Forest - [Sceneries]

Flowing Through The Fir Forest - [Sceneries]

Last March of the Ents

This is a Lord of the Rings music video about the Ents, the unsung heroes of Middle Earth.

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