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Working With The Animal Totems

For FREE Ning Profile Page Themes, Visit:

Visit Theme Worx

FIRST, to USE these FREE Profile Page Theme Graphics, you will have to JOIN the ning site above. Then you can access all of their THEME GRAPHICS CODES and ADD them to your PROFILE PAGE.


To apply graphics to Profile Page, go to:

1. SETTINGS, then
2. MY PAGE and then
4. ADVANCED tab.

REMOVE ALL OF THE EXISTING CODE and then COPY AND PASTE the FREE Profile Graphics code into that field instead and CLICK SAVE.

It will transform your profile page into the THEME of your choice. If you decide you don't like it, you can always go back to the standard default "Totem Talk" page graphics instead. Try it out and see what you think. :-) They're so much FUN to explore and to play with! And, they make your profile page look GREAT! :-)

Have Fun! ~ Terri

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I love my profile background! It makes me stand out from everyone else and let's me express a bit of myself on there!


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