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I looked for the Horse, and read the characteristics of one and discovered that is me totally. I suspected as much. Have loved horses since I can remember, and the first time I rode a full grown horse (at age 10) rode it like I'd been riding all my life. Read all the horse books growing up (Black Beauty, the Flicka series). Just like to ride, occasionally, do not have the resources to own one, like to travel too much (like my totem description said). So that is my totem. Am glad to know.

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Hi there Katie!

I'm so sorry, I didn't see this post from you until today! I'm happy to hear that you're connecting with one of your totem animals. I too read so many horse stories as a kid, many in the Black Stallion series, Black Beauty, and the whole Flicka/Thunderhead series as well, Smoky the Cow-horse by Will James (ever read that one? It's great! Read it several times in fact, it's one of my favorites!) and another coming of age young girl's horse story called Silver Birch. A very sweet story! Still remember it in vivid detail to this day. :-) Turns out it's a collectible today, sure wish I still had my copy! :-) Apparently, it was her first book, which I didn't realize as a child. :-) Fun memories, thanks for little "jog" down memory lane Katie! :-) Just for fun ... here are a couple of reference links to those two old favorites.

Silver Birch by Dorothy Lyons

Smoky the Cowhorse (on Hokey cover, but a good story nevertheless. :-)


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