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may the silence make you Strong in this walk
may the silence make you Introspectively react
may the silence make you Learn the Creator’s plan
may the silence make you Educate your young
may the silence make you Need Creator’s love
may the silence make you Care for the earth
may the silence make you Each love the other!

Douglas (Spirit Bear) Neely
May 19, 2010

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Good morning Douglas,

Nice to see you've posted your poem on it's own thread. Now you'll be able to read all of the responses in one place on this discussion thread. Takes a little while to figure out all of the site features and nuances ... at least I know that's been true for me anyway. :-)

BTW, sorry I missed you in the chatroom yesterday, read your message a little later ... that was very sweet of you. Sometimes when I get to working on the site, I don't always notice when people come and go in the chatroom, 'cuz I can get pretty focused into what I'm doing "in the moment."

Anyway, I was looking for a nice "enter the silence" picture this morning to add to this thread, when I came upon this blog post on "Craving Stillness in Building My Soul", which I thought was pretty good, so decided to add it here as well. :-) Hope you're enjoying a great day. :-)

Craving Stillness in Building My Soul


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