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A Warrior’s Lament!

A young child grows into adulthood sees the country
In turmoil, one people fighting another people, for what?
Is the battle justified or is the battle not justified?
And justified in whose eyes, who is the judge!

The leaders of one people say they have the right
The right to force the other leaders peoples
To act the others way, to think the others thoughts!
Who gives anyone the rights to dictate to others!

The leaders of each people sit on seats of power
All the while telling these new warriors to go forth
Into the other leaders lands and confront those
Young warriors of the other leaders all over what?

These warrior’s of each leader are told that they,
They are the side that has the Creator’s purpose
On their side of the battle, be it known that the Creator
Does not stand on each side of the dispute!

There can be but one inspired divine purpose!
There can be but one war party that is right!
If a warrior blindly follows their leaders
Are they judged by the Creator doing wrong!

If a warrior follows the leader are they as corrupt?
The leaders need be aware of the consequences
Of their words when they order young warriors into battle!
Because they are responsible for the actions that ensue!

The Creator knows the heart of the warrior’s heart
And knows that the warrior is only following orders
The Creator knows the leader’s are the ones giving orders
And that is where the blood of the fallen warriors lies!

Written by Douglas (Spirit Bear) Neely
Memorial Day May 31, 2010

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I love this poem! As a "warrior" myself I feel the sentiments expressed and it is comforting to know that, ultimately and truely, "the Creator knows the heart of the warrior's heart". Much respect to you Spirit Bear :)
Very beautifully expressed, Douglas. Thank you. Respectfully, Terri


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