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SPIRIT OF THE GOAT:  New endeavors, Blessings, Climbing, Stability, Confidence, Achievements, Loyalty, Ambition, Surefootedness, Independence, Abundance.


Wisdom of the Goat Includes:

* Abundance
* Independence
* Surefootedness
* Removing guilty feelings
* Understanding nature energies and beings
* Seeking new heights
* Agility


Goat teaches climbing ability and agility along with independence and sure-footedness. He shows the importance of supporting others as you move and being flexible in exploring new possibilities. Goat aids to establish foundations in which to stand and will guide in building a stronger foundation if need be. He wants to make sure what is before us is strong before the next lessons begin. Goat prepares for moves in life and teaches how to seek new heights in spiritual, mental and emotional areas so one can achieve the best future by looking up and forward. Do you feel stuck and lost? Goat will show direction in which to move. Is it time to finally put forth your independence and strength? Look within to find the answers and allow Goat to lead you where you need to be. Trust the sure foot of Goat's wisdom.

GOAT:  Moving Forward, Balance, Work Ethic

Goat gives you the gift of moving forward, one step at a time. Trust that you will be able to climb over any obstacles in your path and always land on your feet. If you see Goat in your dreams or live: stop butting your head against the wall and let go of a situation that isn't working. You may be taking relationships or work too seriously. Regain your balance. Goat people are very industrious with a strong work ethic. Once you set a goal, you will do everything in your power to achieve it. Beware of being too materialistic.

Goat Power Animal, Symbol of Surefootedness, Independence, Abundance 

By Ina Woolcott 

Goat's medicine includes abundance, independence, surefootedness, eliminating guilty feelings, understanding nature energies and beings, seeking new heights, agility. 

There are many different breeds of goat which can be roughly grouped - Swiss goats; the eastern, or Nubian, with long, drooping ears; the wool goat, Angora. Generally it is a simple matter to tell a sheep apart from a goat. However, there are certain hair breeds of goats that can only be told apart by the direction of the tail - upward in goats, downward in sheep. 

Domesticated goats appeared in the East, during prehistoric times it is believed by some. They were used as a source of milk, cheese, meat and mohair. The skin has been used a source for leather. In Europe, China and North America, goats are mainly used for milk production. In the Mediterranean countries, especially Spain, Greece, Italy and south of France, goat meat is eaten a lot. The Cashmere and Angora breeds are renowned for their fine wool or mohair. 

Most of you will be aware that the goat is linked with the astrological sign of Capricorn. If this is your power animal, it would be beneficial for you to study the traits of this sign for a deeper understanding of yourselves. 

As the goat shows up prestigiously in Greek mythology, this can indicate that you have a past life associated with Greece. Studying Greek mythology may be useful for you. 

The goat shows us how to compose a firm foundation on which to stand and aids us in developing confidence as we head towards new. Goat teaches us how to create a solid foundation on which to stand and helps us develop confidence as we move towards new heights achievements. 

The mountain goat is well known for its sure-footedness on high rocky ledges, with its excellent climbing abilities due to its highly flexible skeleton. 

When the mountain goat shows up in ones life, one should carefully observe their current foundation and ensure it is helping them appropriately. It can also mean you must let go of the ‘security of your insecurity’, basically the routines and beliefs that you are comfortable with and which stop you from trying new things. Try new things that are relevant to your growth, and maybe even exceeds it. 

Goats medicine includes the energy of abundant nourishment. From them we can learn how to sustain ourselves, we are reminded that we must build up our independence and strength. They show us how to take care of our basic needs and teach us how to perfect survival skills. 

Goats are attuned to natures energies and are therefore able to move strategically through difficult terrain and go where other animals cannot. If this is your power animal, it serves as a guide into the unexplored aspects of one's true self.

Spirit Animals –Mountain Goat

For anyone that lives near the Rocky Mountains, the sight of a mountain goat is not that unusual. However, these agile creatures seem to be popping up more and more in television ads, newspaper ads, and in stories. If someone sees the ad or hears the story, you can be sure that Mountain Goat brings you a message.

The M. Goat lives on rock, and therefore, is about creating a solid foundation for one’s personal life and spiritual life. M. Goat also sends the message about moving higher in career, life, thoughts, and wellness. Although the pickings seem slim, M. Goat always finds food and may be seen happily lying on a ledge, chewing its cud (regurgitated grass). Abundance and trust in finding that abundance is another message that M. Goat shares with all. In a very tough environment, M. Goat thrives and raises its family with many of the off spring being twins. The message in its behaviour is to move through the rocky areas of life with grace and dignity.

M. Goat shows us how to explore the unknown, the uncharted areas that allow it to go where other animals cannot. As we move through the unfamiliar, we too move into areas that take us beyond the ordinary. By living high in the mountains, M. Goat is also a reminder to continually connect with The Divine. Mountains represent wisdom and are said to be the Wisdom Keepers of the Earth. M. Goat walks through wisdom daily, and learns from taking chances, and with its appearance, encourages each of us to try something new. 

© May 2008 Judith Hirst-Joyeux. Judith is a Sage-Healer-Shaman who works with the Goddesses and Gods, Great Spirit, and angelic realms to move quickly to the source of issues or blocks.

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