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This is a private group space for the use of those European students who have chosen to take the 15 month Animal Wisdom Class Series, which will cover information from the channeled source, Michael, for the 13 Support Circle functions as they would pertain to the Michael Teachings. 

The Totem Talk website is much like the LIBRARY where you can study your personal animal totems in depth, all in one convenient location on the net. This privat group is like a "sacred space" CLASSROOM adjacent to the central library resources. And just as it is in any type of classroom environment, there are certain guidelines that are created for the mutual benefit of all concerned. Together, we will create this set of group guidelines once all of the members of the new study group have arrived on board. When we have all agreed to the group guidelines, then they will be posted to the main study group board.

I would like to wish each of you a very warm welcome to our new "sacred space" private classroom here on the Totem Talk website  and to all of the wonderful, amazing adventures. journeys and fun to come!

Very best and brightest of blessings to you each and all! ~ Your humble facilitator, Terri

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