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19 February – 20 March (N. Hemisphere)
22 August – 21 September (S. Hemisphere)

Birth and Animal Totem: Wolf
Elemental Clan: Water Clan- Frog
Personality: Compassionate. Kind. Creative. Gentle.
Positive Traits: Flexible. Impressionable. Sensitive.
Negative Traits: Unrealistic. Vague. Shy. Unsure.
Compatibilities: Woodpeckers, Brown Bears and Snakes.

Wolves are sensitive, artistic and intuitive people to whom others turn for help. They value freedom and their own space, and are easily affected by others. They are philosophical, trusting and genuine.

About WOLF Birth Totem ~ February 19 to March 20

Native American Animal Symbols ~ WOLF Birth Totem

Deeply emotional, and wholly passionate, the Wolf is the lover of the zodiac in both the physical and philosophical sense of the word. The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it. Juxtaposed with his/her fierce independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Needing his/her freedom, yet still being quite gentle and compassionate – we get the picture of the "lone wolf" with this sign. In a nurturing environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle. Left to his/her own devices the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive.

The Wolf and His or Her Partner

Wolf and Falcon

Falcon will try to conquer Wolf with passion and, possibly, fall flat on his face. Wolf is senstive and compassionate, and she know how to protect herself against uninvited advances. Falcon has two choices: he can either tone down his passionate foray or admit defeat.

Wolf and Beaver

Beaver can surely make the heart of Wolf beat faster! Wolf, influenced by the element water, would love to lean on the quiet, steadfast Beaver. But Beaver should not be too sure of herself. She should be ready to acknowledge and reciprocate the sensitive signals Wolf is sending, which, of course, is not an easy task! If she fails, the emotional potential will remain unfulfilled.

Wolf and Deer

I this relationship it is possible that both partners will talk and "live" beyond the reach of each other. The worlds Wolf and Deer live in are different. But there is one chance: if Wolf will activate his compassion, and Doe her intellectual imagination. This is how they could slowly and carefully get to know and understand each other.

Wolf and Woodpecker

Wolf and Woodpecker are both influenced by the element water. They could really be a dream couple. One look and they know that here is the perfect emotional foundation for a lasting union. Even small misunderstandings and differences, which are bound to happen during everyday life, won't seriously threaten the tranquility in their relationship.

Wolf and Salmon

Salmon shines with his strong, dynamic, and heartwarming personality. That could be an invitation for Wolf to depend on and be protected by him. The fact that Salmon needs to set the tone is of little concern to Wolf. But if Salmon is not ready to become more deeply involved emotionally, the relationship will always be bitter-sweet.

Wolf and Brown Bear

In principle, the elements water and earth are not in conflict, but Wolf and Brown Bear are. Their interests, needs, and development go in different directions, and the balancing influence of the elements cannot bridge this gap. In this relationship it is the head and the heart that need to be united. How lucky that Wolf is compassionate and Brown Bear willing to learn.

Wolf and Raven

A relationship between Wolf and raven is not one made in heaven. Their personality traits and personal interests are not on the same plane. But both bring to this relationship a willingness to find common ground, which would make a coming together of emotions and intellect possible.

Wolf and Serpent

Connected through the element water, this is a case of two people who are capable of deep emothions. Most of all, they are attracted to spiritual mattrs. It is a promising mixture of romance, which Wolf supplies, and passion, which Serpant offers. One can safely assume that this relationship will have a solid emotional as well as sexual foundation.

Wolf and Owl

Wolf and Owl have much to give each other. First, however, they need to overcome a few difficulties in communication. These difficulties are the result of Wolf idealizing his dreams while Owl lives, works, and if necessary, fights for an ideal world. The key to understanding here is not in learning how to communicate but rather in acknowledging th nature of the differences if both pursue it, could enormously enrich this relationship.

Wolf and Goose

A combination of water and earth could result in a very satisfying relationship. Both Wolf and Goose of course need to contribute to the success. The relationship requires more than compassion. Every now and then Goose should be less disciplined, ad Wolf should delve into the depth of his dreams when Goose is able to join him.

Wolf and Otter

Wolf and Otter are very compatible partners. But with a bit of goodwill, they should be able to find common ground. Wolf asks of Otter not only intellectual but also emotional openness. If Otter is able to make this leap, Wolf will find a partner the likes of which she only has imagined in her dreams. All Wolf has to do, every nw and then, is to make the journey from her head to her heart.

Wolf and Wolf

Two Wolves together will reach an emotional depth that is difficult to put into ords. I depth of the water element, they will find dimensions and emotions that border on magic. Difficulty will only arise if both, in their rapture, lose sight of reality.


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I would never have thought I had connections with Wolf-Spirit!

What is your birthday Sharon? Mine is February 27th, 1951. I'm a WOLF spirit too! In personality anyway. Essence totem, or my "within/power" animal is the Buffalo. Essence (or soul) may be connected with one power animal and personality with another. When you compare the two, you can learn a whole lot about how your personality and your "essence", or soul-self, communicates and gets along with one another. Some fascinating insights to be had there. :-) Have fun exploring! ~ Terri

March 16th 1961

I will enjoy discovering more!

Peace & Blessings

Oh... maybe I'm not Wolf... I didn't  notice N. Hemisphere/S. Hemisphere.

I live in Australia.

Oh yes, of course! That makes perfect sense! You'd be it's direct opposite then! I'll have to look it up too! ;-D

Got it! Okay, so you'd be a brown bear then? How does that resonate for you? Remember, these are PERSONALITY based birth totems, not "essence" or "soul" based. These are often different, but complementary, in nature. 

22 August – 21 September (N. Hemisphere)
19 February – 20 March (S. Hemisphere)

Brown Bears are hardworking, practical, and self-reliant. They do not like change, preferring to stick to what is familiar. They have a flair for fixing things, are good natured, and make good friends.

That is interesting... though these bear traits don't quite fit my personality... I can be hardworking, but tend to be 'off with the fairies' a lot... can be very practical in some respects but not others.... I am very self-reliant and tend to be a loner... I do like change and am bit of gypsy.... I don't think I'm very good at fixing things, I'm more a solver of problems and point out how they could be fixed... I am good-natured and  don't like conflict but can deal with it when necessary... I am a good friend, but have few.

I have actually always felt a great sense of alienation, like I don't 'fit' this world or society, even as a child. This could have something to do with my isolated childhood, I was raised in a very insular fashion, we lived in remote areas and months could pass where I would not see or speak with anyone except mother, step father and younger brother. We traveled around for many years covering %90 of the Australian outback. I have visited and lived in regions where few have ventured.

I was home schooled from 8 yrs old up until 15, when I finished school (at my parents insistence).

It wasn't until I was considerably older (well into adulthood) that I realized my parents must have hiding from something or someone.

In recent years I did discover that my birth-father had had 3 more children in his second marriage and have since meet a younger sister. Anyway, I ramble, a bad habit of mine.

I look more into this topic, there is so much to know.

Peace and Blessings


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