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I was wondering who are your guides and how did you meet them?

My guide is Tipvigut, she is a young polar bear(Around two or three years old) I have known about her for a month or so, I found her with this meditation. I just did a guided meditation that worked superbly, I could hear things and feel things, you can read about my experience here .

So here are a few questions you might like to answer:

1: Who is your animal guide?

2: How long have you know about them?

3: How did you find them?

4: Could you explain in detail(You don't have to if you don''t want to or don't have the time.)

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1. I have three animal guides that I'm currently aware of which are: crow, raccoon, lizard

2. I've known about crow for about ten years and raccoon about the same time. Lizard has popped in and out but seems to always be silently present.

3. I've found them through meditation and was a little surprised as I never really had a strong interest in lizards (I was more interested in snakes) and raccoon kind of shocked me as I never really thought much about them either. Crow was one that I felt a close kinship but I wished in the beginning that it was something like an eagle but I've learned that crow is very powerful and majestic in its own right and has abilities that I never realized till now.

1.) There is two that like to walk by me, They appear at the same time as well, Its a lion and a tiger both males from what I can gather. 

2.) A while it seems, I never really though it was them. I love all animals but the two big cats surprised me, But I remember when I was younger and had to be hospitalized for a virus that was going around. My step dad got me a stuffed tiger, a couple years ago I was going through some mental stuff and I was wondering what it would be like if I was gone. My mom that day got me a pair of socks with tigers on them. I also remember going to the Chinese Restaurant in town and being so happy that my zodiac animal was a tiger. I have also been a cat person my whole life. 

3.) through meditation, They have appeared to me in most meditation and are always together.

4.) I thought a tiger at first because I was mediating out in the grassy hill outside my house, He just decided to pop up with bright amber eyes. I was so happy and I asked for his name, It was Rafael.

After a couple other tries I had a skinny male lion pop up alolng with this tiger trying to grab my attention.

A couple days ago I had a meditation where I was in a big stone circle and they circled around me, both looking at me with some type of pride in their eyes.


When I looked up the tigers name I almost cried; It means God has Healed. 


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