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Shamans throughout the ages in all parts of the planet have known a great deal more about the nature of animals and plants than modern day plant biologists and those who study animal species. Although scientists may know a great deal about the flora and fauna of the Earth, they know nothing about why they are here on the planet and what they can do for us on a larger scale than anyone might imagine. This is the expertise of shamans who in addition understand their local behaviors and their purely physical medicinal values. Because scientists are severely restricted as to what they are allowed to study and what they are allowed to consider as valid information, they are extremely handicapped when it comes to actually knowing anything about plants, animals, and the cosmos. This is both quite amusing and tragic in its consequences for how we treat the flora and fauna on the planet. Let us take a little journey around the terrain of power plants and power animals to understand just a little of what shamans have learned and in this way you may begin to understand how plants and animals support humanity in so many different ways.

Part of the difficulty that scientists face is that they have to scientifically verify anything they posit as true, yet they are not allowed to use their inner knowing or any of the powerful tools spirit has provided other than their rational minds via using only their physical brains. Since the rational mind is also the terrain of the ego, a notorious distorter, it is almost impossible to know anything valid this way other than to collect a few local facts and figures.

Shamans know that there are two ways of knowing. One way of knowing utilizes the rational mind via the brain and the other one uses inner knowing via the heart and the brain. Inner knowing is related to Essence, so almost anything that one wants to know about the universe can be known or glimpsed this way. This second way of knowing is also the one that other intelligences use to communicate with us. What are those other intelligences? They are the inner natures of the animals, plants, and other elementals such as clouds, water, fire, air, mountains, forests, meadows, canyons, and so on. They are also the great other intelligences like spirit guides, angelic beings, avatars, saints, and highly evolved beings that inhabit and occupy the millions of inhabited planets around the galaxy and beyond, and countless other dimensions and parallel realities. They are the intelligence of the sun, moon, and stars and all of space in between and more. Since most of these sources are considered taboo for the scientists, you can see how they are relegated to study and know only the tiniest bits of information supplied by their own observations and theories all heavily distorted by self-importance.

Shamans do not reject the first type of knowing because anything that helps to keep humans alive is considered a valid tool, yet when they really want to know something about the universe or the true nature of reality they go to the second way of knowing. Here are some tidbits about the second way of knowing for your contemplation. Deep knowing requires an altered state that can come from many different techniques. Among them: Chanting, trance dancing, running, drumming, rattling, whirling, singing, deep relaxation, giving self commands and suggestions, taking plant substances, praying, and doing ceremony to name a few. In these ways shamans can shift their frequency out of beta (the ordinary thinking brain wave pattern) and go into theta or better yet, delta, more associated with sleep and dreaming. The difference is that they remain awake in delta rather than drifting off into slumber. They are then able to access a great deal more information about the universe via a great variety of channels of communication that open up.

Imagine for a moment that you had a radio receiver that was only able to access AM stations because it had a hidden switch that was clicked on AM all the time. This would be like thinking that you were receiving all the information available through a few channels. Let's say that after many years of listening to a couple of radio stations you suddenly discovered the radio had a switch that connected you not only to a variety of FM frequencies but also shortwave and VHF and thousands more stations were available to you. This is what the shamans of the world found out and they began to listen and learn a great many things. Here are a few of the things that they found out.

They indeed discovered that that there were highly evolved intelligences, in many cases much more highly evolved than humans, who were willing to talk with them and explain matters they did not understand. The shamans learned that these beings lived in other star systems and in some cases in other dimensions and that they had been observing human life as it evolved for a very long time. The shamans learned that these beings had even had a hand in helping human beings to evolve and that they had taught human beings many things that helped them to survive in a tough environment.

The shamans learned that the earth was a very local place and the universe was a terrifyingly large place filled with intelligence and mystery. They learned that it was possible to travel mentally to other places in the universe and visit with teachers and helpers who coached them and supported their efforts to know more and develop greater powers.

Animal Support

One of the things that they learned was that many of the animals and plants that they were familiar with were just the local expressions of huge consciousness that had many expressions throughout the universe. They learned that there were archetypes, spirit forms of the animals and plants that lived in many forms throughout the universe. For example they found that hawk energy was prevalent throughout the cosmos. On earth there are various species of hawks but they are fundamentally similar in their looks and behavior. They had already discovered that hawks could be communicated with and held powers that could be borrowed but what they didn't know before was that hawk energy came from beyond the stars.

Yes, hawk was a presence on many planets but it could take multiple forms depending on the atmospheric conditions of those planets. In some places they were huge compared to earth hawks, in some places flightless, or able to soar into the outer atmosphere, or tiny, or without feathers at all and so on. Their energy was still recognizable as Hawk but their appearance could be dramatically different and in some cases not even recognizable at all. They found that there is a Hawk essence, a central spirit if you will, a consciousness that reached out in many forms and places to experience the universe and offer its own medicine to support in whatever way it could. Indeed in some places hawk is so intelligent that it can support sentient life forms similar to the way on earth the sentient life forms are based in simian and cetacean bodies. So now when they saw a hawk soaring in the sky above them, the shamans knew way more about the nature of Hawk, how all hawks are interconnected through out the cosmos whether they be animal form or sentient form.

They discovered that hawks carry wisdom and have a penetrating clarity about almost anything they are asked about. Hawks are travelers, have supreme patience, and the ability to process vast amounts of information in a twinkling. They make choices and act with lightening speed but only when they are completely satisfied with their observations. Hawks bless from the sky and their presence is never random. When they circle in the sky, not only are they riding a vortex of hot air, but they actually create it, and they use this vortex to assist and support other animals, plants, land forms, and people. To people they impart wisdom for those who are ready to receive it. This is only a small percentage of what they are capable of.

They further learned that hawks are hive souls and thousands of them could be run in all different places by one central essence and that the hawks incarnated over and over and could remember not only all there incarnations but they perceived what they were doing in other dimensions and places. In some environments the hawks were support animals. In other environments the hawks were evolving into sentience. On earth they are support animals that are not developing toward sentience but working directly for spirit to fulfill their local functions. After knowing this, the shamans could never again look at a hawk the same way again nor could they look at other animals and plants the same way either. They began to see and know that eagles, condors, humming birds, ravens, wolves and their dog cousins, owls, foxes, bears, deer, lions and their cat cousins, horses, bovines, mice, dolphins, whales, serpents, lamas, elephants, rabbits, lizards, fish, butterflies, beetles, spiders, and countless other animals were exactly like the hawks in their presence around the universe and in their ability to host the highest levels of intelligence.

Now they found that they could communicate with a local animal totem and they could reach the deep intelligent essence of that animal, the archetype, with an almost infinite knowledge of the universe and receive help from it. In addition they could reach the presence of their animal totem on other planetary systems where they were hosts to highly evolved sentient beings similar to us, only using other types of bodies. Through communication with these life forms and their myriad expressions the shamans became unspeakably knowledgeable and powerful. Because they had free will like all human beings, shamans sometimes used these abilities for the benefit of humanity and sometimes they used them selfishly and in harmful ways. Thus shamans were either deeply respected and loved or deeply feared and avoided at all costs.

Consider for a moment the possibility that the simian archetype exists throughout the cosmos and a great variety of monkey like beings live on a wide variety of planets. Perhaps some carry sentience just as here on earth. No matter what their level of evolution all are connected via their family tree. This means that somehow in some way your wisdom, intelligence, values, and choices are affecting countless other life forms around the physical universe. For some you are a student and for some you are a teacher, a mentor, a guide.

Plant Support

In a similar way shamans came to know the powers and abilities of the plants. They learned of the great variety of medicines the plants provided, how to prepare them and under what conditions they could be used. Ancient shamanic stories from around the earth tell the story of how the animals and plants taught the first human beings and helped them to survive in the early days of their evolution right on up to the present. These are not just fanciful or colorful animistic stories, they are actual truths being referred to. The deep intelligence of the universe itself wanted humans to evolve and helped them with stupendous knowledge. Certain plants were to be used as food, others for healing the various parts of the body, others for enhancing thought, or emotion. Others were designed to clean the body or provide it with almost limitless energy and vitality. Still other plants were capable of unlocking and opening hidden communication channels enabling humans to access special powers of extraordinary perception. These became known as the power or teacher plants that became part of the shamanic toolbox around the planet giving shamans the ability to soar beyond the solar system and visit with the archetypes and shamans from deep space. Still other plants contained chemicals that opened doors of perception allowing the shamans to time travel, moving with ease into the future or the past.

With these powers whole tribes and communities of people could accelerate their evolution and shift frequencies allowing them access to doorways they could pass through to higher dimensional states. Some of these groups vanished mysteriously from earth's historical record leaving only the remnants of their advanced civilizations.

The plants too are local expressions of powerful and highly evolved consciousness that exist in other places and dimensions in space. The giant redwood tree that we witness in California is the local variety that exists on this planet but it has many other forms and expressions in a great variety of solar systems and galaxies. In some environments it is tiny, even microscopic, in others it is more of a gas or a temperature gradient, and in some locales it exists deep beneath oceans of liquid gases. Each giant redwood is connected to its archetypal spirit, in a state of deep meditation, and rejoices in its timeless resonance with redwood everywhere. In some places, just like the animals, redwood is host to sentient life and each redwood on earth is connected with that evolved intelligence no matter where it is. Recall that physicists now say that two particles can be on opposite sides of the universe and be exactly in communication and unison. Yes, they are beginning to glimpse what the shamans have learned from the plants and animals themselves. All is connected, all is in communication, all can be contacted at any time in any place, and as that great shaman, the Buddha said, the entire universe can be known through a single flower. Yes, just so.

Periodically there are die-offs on this planet and in other places as well. These are part of natural cycles and the plants and animals understand change and transformation. Their intelligence and consciousness is so vast that they can even tolerate and forgive poor treatment at the hands of humans and others. They are not limited. If their forms are not present anymore on earth they exist in millions of places throughout the universe. If their local demise comes because of human carelessness or ignorance it is our loss but not ultimately theirs. Almost miraculously after severe die-offs there are huge explosions of life that burst forth with ever-new forms and expressions on all planets that host flora and fauna. How can this be? The DNA blueprints, the archetypal architectural plans of all life-forms past, present and future, are contained within the core of each planet itself like in a giant computer chip. That is actually what the core of each planet is. The light of the sun and stars activates it at the proper moment to ignite the next set of expressions to flower on each planet. In this way nothing is actually lost forever because the blueprint plans are forever present in energy form in planet' cores. All these blueprints need are the right conditions and the activation from light carrying love and intention to spark once again but each time in slightly different form, sometimes tiny, sometimes giant. In the future there may be tiny little redwood trees as small as mushrooms and giant moths as big as a modern passenger jets flying around the Earth. Who knows, anything is possible in the land of shamanic knowledge and perception.

Hopefully in this article you have glimpsed the enormity of the universe and how it operates, giving you a sense of awe and gratitude for what has always been going on all around us. That enormity and mystery has the capacity to open our hearts to deeper shamanic learning. The helping spirits await our curiosity and our questions. They want us to know just as they have found out what is possible. They are available to help us just as they always have been. They work for Spirit just as we actually do. We just forgot for a little while. There is an exceptionally powerful shaman within in everyone's future. That future can be communicated with from now. Happy discoveries.

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