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Hello everyone,

I was searching Google a few days ago for some big horn sheep pictures and found a picture of one of my paintings which led me to this site. 

The picture on the home page of the two rams laying on the hillside is my painting I did in 2008, in fact I still have it hanging in my living room.

I'm a wildlife artist and fish taxidermist here in Cody, Wyoming

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Hi there Duane, 

Thought I would add your beautiful painting to your comment so folks can see it for themselves right here on the discussion thread you posted.  It's wonderful to finally be able to add your information to the image for artist credit. If you would like me to create a page for you under the AWESOME ARTISTS listing, I would be happy to do so. Some samples of your artwork and a link to your personal webpage or website would be welcomed.  

Here's a link to the AWESOME ARTISTS Discussion section on our website as well, for your further perusal. ~

Thank you again for letting us know that this is your painting! So wonderful to know who painted it, and to have you here with us now too. :-)

Big Horn Sheep painting by Duane Mittlieder ~ 2008 


Thank you so much Terri, 

My pleasure, Duane.  You deserve to be credited for your beautiful artwork. This painting has always been a favorite of mine ... its in three places on this site, and I have just added your artist credit to all three of them. Big horn sheep is one of my animal allies, and your artwork spoke to the totem spirit within. :-) 

A warm welcome to you! 



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