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"Terra Madre 2012 / The Shift"
Visionary Art by Minouche Graglia
Original Painting.
Natural and Green Earth Pigments
5 X 5' canvas mural

The Inspiration 

"At the beginning the seed of Life was in the Heart.
Then it went further down.
We created you in Our Heart."
Said the stone I was holding.
Then later, as I was in the presence of the crystal skull Sha Na Rah,
I received this magnificent vision
and how Life was born on Earth.
All from the same Source.

Visionary Artist Minouche Graglia

"Minouche's work is humble and profound. She carries a spirit of love and healing with her and transmits it to those who see her work." - Quote on Arts and Healing Network Foundation

"The proceeds from the sale of Minouche's original paintings and prints featured on this website will support the 12th Council Gathering of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers (Kathmandu, Nepal, November 8-11, 2012), as well as the college education ofMinouche's son, Loucas".

Original painting and Prints available to purchase on her website at:!home/mainPage

and my Etsy shop EarthSpiritArt

Original Painting and prints available to purchase.
Take a tour, enjoy all the details of this painting in this video:
Terra Madre 2012 ~

Terra Madre 2012 / The Shift and The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Copyright ©2012 Minouche Graglia. All rights reserved.

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