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Arvel has spent a lifetime studying the characteristics and messages of animals and calls on their spirits daily to give him guidance, to give him a higher view of a situation and sometimes just to remind him that life is supposed to be fun. In Discovering the Sacred Power of Animal Totems, Arvel shares some of his private thoughts about the animals that he has come to love and respect as co-denizens of Planet Earth. These lessons learned through study and through his own life experiences are offered to you in the hopes you will find peace in your life walk.

ANIMAL TOTEMS: "Listen, Just Listen"
by Arvel Bird on March 17, 2010

“Nothing has changed as far as the animals are concerned, they are as consistent as the sun, moon and stars. It’s us who have separated ourselves from animals and the rest of nature through the use of technology, our doubt or any number of negative thoughts. I’m not saying that technology and other benefits of our contemporary lifestyles are bad or wrong, I’m just saying we don’t spend as much time in connection or communication with nature. When is the last time you heard what the wind was telling you? What about that big beautiful tree on the edge of your property or at the park? How about a flock of birds or a pod of whales? Even a rock! What??? Yes, even a rock! They all have something to offer us if we will only listen.

“What does it take to listen? Probably less than you think. One of the major benefits of the way Kimberly and I travel and tour is that we get to “camp” at some of the most beautiful national, state and regional parks in the country. They are oftentimes situated on lakes, forests, oceans, bays, mountains, extinct volcanoes . . . all kinds of natural environments. Here in Florida where we currently are, there are SO many types of birds. Waders, fishers, raptors, songbirds, and more. We listen, we quiet our minds and just listen. What’s on your mind? Is something bothering you? Got a nagging question? Listen, just listen. That’s your inner being connecting to the inner being of nature and providing you with answers and guidance.

“Now that we have Blackberry’s, we have had to make conscious decisions to TURN THEM OFF, even for 30 minutes during the day so we can talk to each other, go for a walk, walk the dogs, visit with other “campers” and reconnect to our surroundings. It’s not easy, but we do the best we can. The benefit to us has been palpable. We aren’t near as stressed, feel pressured, or in a hurry,

“Do it for yourself, your partner, your children, your grandchildren. I don’t believe for a moment that technology is bad. Nothing is more powerful than “source”, “Spirit World”, “the Universe”, “God”, “Goddess”, “Allah”, whatever your word for it is and if you can just still your mind for a few moments, breath deeply, preferably outside and in nature, barefoot, touching the ground, you will hear what you need to hear.

“You are your own best counsel. Listen, just listen.”



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